Best Accurate Weather Forecast Sites 2020

We live in a world where things are changing quite rapidly with its technology, trend, or even weather condition also—if you are residing in countries like the US, then knowing how today’s or upcoming week’s temperature is going to be. Considering that fact, we decided to bring a list of the best weather sites that you can always check out whenever you feel.

Nowadays, getting information about weather conditions has changed a lot because of advanced technology like smartphone apps. There were times when we used to sit in front of the TV to know how today’s weather will be. However, now by only going on to the weather site, you will get the required information.

Even though we know the internet is full of information, it feels good when you are getting the required knowledge for relevant sites. So to help you out about weather-related forecasts, we decided to bring some of the best weather sites, so grab a cup of coffee and know your weather.

Best Weather Sites Of 2020

So after perusing lots of information, here is the list of best weather websites that you can use to get the essential information.

Weather Underground

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Based on the University of Michigan database, the weather underground provides the weather forecasts quite correctly and with a considerable amount. The Weather Channel purchased this blog, and since then it has been improved a lot. The weather underground database is quite huge because there are more than one lakh of weather stations from which they get local data of every district, village and publish it on their website. 

Many people like to see weather data in the best graphical presentation, and this site helps you do that. During the time of Christmas and New Year’s, the site gets vast visitors from people who like to know how the weather will be during the winter season. 

National Weather Service


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The National Weather Service might be the most accurate website you can follow to get the required information about all the weather forecasts. The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) owns this website, so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the information you have been provided. Satellites are orbiting and local stations to get information about all parts of the country’s weather. 

Weather stations play an important role here, and they upload the updated information about each district, state, and the whole nation’s weather condition. You can put the zip codes of the area about which you want to get weather information, and everything will be presented in front of you quickly. 


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When you want to know everything about the weather forecast better and better, you can always go to the AccuWeather website. The premium subscription-based model is used by them to show the data in the best way. So many businesses use the premium subscription on this blog because of the accurate and mass data made available to them. 

Use the ad-free subscription to get the better experience of this blog and enjoy premium data reports. The government issues storms, heavy rainfall, and drought-related forecasts are presented in this website with high accuracy. Many companies use AccuWeather because of their correct and mass data availability.

Weather Channel

the weather channel

Every American knows weather forecasts majorly from only one source, and that’s the Weather Channel, which is famous on television networks and now online. They know how to attract many visitors by offering them the best visual presentation of weather data. You can go to the official site and get hourly, daily, weekly information on weather forecasts. Many people have said they feel quite comfortable reading those blogs that present the information neatly and, and the weather channel tops that list.

Weather Channel’s data is used by many government departments during natural calamity situations also. Their accurate forecasts help people in various ways, and it’s the most trusted source on the internet. 


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DarkSky, which was earlier used to be known as, is the best weather site of 2020 that provides the information in animated format. You will see animated videos of how the weather condition will be in the next day, week, or even month’s advance. The data you will get presented will be compared with upcoming predictions, and it’s quite fun to read such type of information.

DarkSky doesn’t have a massive amount of data like other premium websites, but you get essential information on the blog in the best manner since it’s free to use. 

WeatherBugFinal Words:-

weather underground

The online radar section makes this website likable than any other blogs. You can visit this website and get the weather information near your location about today or the upcoming seven days. There are various sections on this website, including the news one also. You can get the latest happenings in the world with just one click and the right type of weather forecast. 

Weatherbug is also active on various social media platforms where you can follow them and get today’s weather reports.  


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The list of Best weather sites will be incomplete if we don’t include Weatherspark on our list. Many people want to get the data in a single view and don’t want to bother reading lots of reports separately. When you go to this website, it will show you weather forecast graphs, speed, average, and all other details in a single view. 

The temperature graph is unique and provides essential information in the best manner. Many people like to see the information about the weather in a single view. This site gets lots of visitors because of this reason.

Final Words:-

These are the best weather sites that you can use to get the essential information about the weather forecast. Here, we tried to include only those sites which are authenticated and provide accurate results. The internet is full of many blogs that bombard your computer with all unnecessary information. However, these weather sites which we mention are best to use in the pandemic year like 2020. You can also share your favorite blog that you use daily to get weather forecasts by leaving a comment down below.