Are iOS crypto apps safe for iPhone users?

Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly one of the most exciting developments in recent times. However, as they exist in an entirely decentralized and unregulated environment, this has caused several complications.

In one incident, a man in the United States lost all of his life savings when he mistakenly installed a fake crypto wallet app on his phone. Scammers tricked the victim into installing a fake “Trezor” wallet app on his phone and used it to access and steal his crypto.

So, always look for trustworthy crypto wallet apps, like the ones in this article from Tezro:

More worryingly, a Time article reported that scammers stole a total of $14 billion worth of crypto in 2021. As the demand for cryptos rises, cybercriminals will only become more aggressive.

And while the above incident involves the Apple App Store, this does not mean that iOS crypto apps are not safe. Far from it, in fact, and that’s because:

Apple’s App Store has a strict approval system 

What makes Apple’s App Store different from Google Play?

Okay, sure, one carries apps for iOS devices and the other features apps for Android OSs, but that’s not the only thing that makes them different.

While Google Play offers way more apps than Apple does, the App Store generally features apps of superior quality. All this is because Apple has a stricter vetting process than Google Play which has a more relaxed attitude towards developers.

Hence, it will be easier for scammers and cybercriminals to take advantage of Google Play. While there have been incidents where iOS users have been scammed, there are more occurrences where Android users have fallen victim to fake apps.

Lower fragmentation 

While iOS limits customization options and the availability of apps, there are some benefits to this, with the lack of fragmentation being one of them.

Android fragmentation refers to the different number of Android versions available, and the difficulty developers and manufacturers face when it comes to standardization. Consequently, it is next to impossible to implement security standards and quality checks on apps released for the Android OS.

But as Apple devices only use iOS, it is a lot easier for the company to streamline security updates. And because Apple markets itself as a manufacturer of premium devices, there is a real incentive for the company to protect users, unlike Android, which dozens of phone manufacturers use.

Privacy can be an issue for devices with Android OSs

In today’s information age, data has become a commodity all on its own, and this is why more and more consumers have begun raising questions about data collection and privacy.

And when you see that Android collects a stunning 20 times more data than iOS devices, you’d naturally be worried about what data is being harvested and how it’s used. While Apple isn’t exactly an angel in all of this, it is clear that Android devices are definitely less private.

Also, it doesn’t help that Google owns Android – one of the world’s biggest data companies, you should rightfully be worried. With so much data being collected, there is a real risk that sensitive information could be leaked or stolen by cybercriminals.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep your cryptos on a mix of hot and cold wallets with the bulk of your holdings secured in a hardware wallet. But if you have to choose, then you’d probably be better off with an OS that doesn’t log as much data.

Closing Thoughts

Cryptocurrencies will only become more popular in the days to come. So, this is why you must take every measure to keep your cryptos safe.

Plus, as we can see, iOS crypto apps are safe for iPhone users. You only need to have a keen eye and trust only reputable ones.