Apps to download that could help improve your productivity

As we get into 2022, many of you are looking to be more productive and efficient this year. Whether it is to have more time to spend with family, get more time in the gym, or get through more work, productivity is the focus of many young individuals. Here are some must-have apps that will help you to be more productive:


One way to be more productive is to set tasks and manage them quickly and efficiently. Todoist allows you to do just that! The easy-to-use app is available across multiple devices and helps you prioritize tasks, set project goals, generate reports, and much more.

The app has a free version and paid versions that include additional features and functionality.


Trello is well known for its Kanban board style project management. Teams laud the app for its ability to manage both simple and complex projects. However, the app is just as useful for a personal user and is free to use within the limitations!

If you aim to be more organized and keep track of all your tasks, you should definitely download Trello.


Have you ever been working online and found a fascinating article that you don’t have time to read? It can be very frustrating as it is hard to remember; Pocket allows you to save articles, blogs, and web pages to read later. Simply click the icon on your browser or mobile app and save the page to read later. Then when you have the time, you can enjoy the article.

The app is also free, which is a bonus!


This app has so many features that it is hard to mention them all. The app, available on all major platforms, helps its users be more productive through a task and project management system and a working habit system.

It will first help you stay organized by having a task manager who keeps you on top of your tasks and projects. The app is easy to use and makes staying organized fun and easy.

The second part is its work habit feature. The feature helps you to work in shorter bursts to maximize productivity. Several studies have shown that working in shorter bursts is more productive and helps reduce fatigue, and with Serene, it’s easy!

The app has both free and paid versions.


Have you ever tried to form a habit that just won’t stick? Whether it’s running 5 miles a day or eating your veggies, forming the habit can be challenging. However, thanks to Habitica, that is a problem of the past. Habitica helps you to form habits easily and effectively. The app gamifies your to-do list and has in-game rewards to motivate you to complete your tasks.

With Habitica, you can be productive and have fun simultaneously.


Today is an app available to iOS users that helps you develop habits that make the world a better place. The app lets you calculate and keep track of your waste and pollution and identifies ways to improve and become more planet-friendly.

The app is free to use.


Done is a habit development app that makes the process extremely simple. The developers of Done designed the app to help people like you have more exhales of relief as you complete a task on your to-do list.

So whether you are trying to drink more water or work out for 90 mins in the gym, Done will help you get it done.

Focus Booster

Focus is an app designed to help you be more productive by setting up work sessions and regular breaks. The app allows users to set work sessions where they will work for 25 mins uninterrupted before taking a 5-minute break—no more getting distracted by Facebook or YouTube.

With all these apps installed on your mobile device, you will be productive in no time. The first step is to start, and downloading these apps is a great place to start. Take charge of 2022 and make this your most productive year yet!