Apps That Will Pay You to Lose Weight | Best Weight Loss Apps 2020

Nowadays, everyone has got so busy with their work that they don’t have much time to do even some exercises to reduce fat and become healthy. Even though many people say that smartphone addiction is also one reason why we become so lazy and gain weight, we might have a solution for this issue.

If you’re a person who has determined to transform themselves into a better person, then here we decided to bring the list of apps that will pay to lose weight. This might sound fishy, but it’s true; some fitness applications will help you get into better shape by paying some money as well.

Instead of spending so much time playing games and social media, install the best fitness Apps, which will improve your health position and give you some financial support. 

Best Fitness Apps That Pay To Lose Weight

Since there are numerous fitness Apps, we decided to list down the best ones that will help you lose weight significantly by giving your various challenges and rewards along with it.



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If you are the type of person who can do lots of exercise under reward mechanisms, this app is made for guys like you. HealthyWage is a fitness app with in-built features that will help you lose weight by betting the money to achieve a target. You can place your bet on the weight loss challenge and then start your journey. 

Before you do that, you will have to verify your profile for a time set goal of weight loss. This app is widely recognized in the media by famous news channels as well. When there is a timeframe set for achieving a weight loss goal, you will lose the weight faster with an object to reach the preset target.


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There are very few apps that will pay to lose a significant amount of money, and DietBet is one of those applications. Thousands of people have earned a fair amount of money by picking up the best fitness challenges. So far, the site has laid more than $6 million to people in the form of rewards, and they are all happy.

You can either create your challenge and challenge yourself to fulfill this goal. Many contests are going on in the application already. You can join any of these, earn a significant amount of money by completing these challenges. Very few people can stick until the end, but those who earn even thousands of dollars for such activities. So don’t consider it just as a challenge and give yourself entirely, you will get the dream body to yours plus some money to sustain it.


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Based on the cryptocurrencies, by completing any of the challenges mentioned in this application, you can earn bitcoin in the form of rewards. Don’t worry about making just cash; instead, aim to get bitcoin for your every little effort. 

After creating an account, you need to sync it with the fitness band and verify your profile with bank details. You will earn a fair amount of bitcoins for burning more than 5000 calories, and that’s what everyone needs who knows their capacity to work hard.



There are very few applications that meet upto your expectations in every case, and GOODcoins is also one of those unique apps. You will earn an in-app currency like GoodCoins for each task that you completed successfully. There are no restrictions on how much you should walk, run or jog; just sync the application to your fitness device and start earning GOODcoins.

You can use these coins later by purchasing items from the GOODcoins store and trying to buy fitness related products only since it will help you maintain the streak.


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When it comes to the virtual weight loss challenge, very few people can do it properly. Achievemint is the app that will pay according to the challenges you complete, like running or walking up to some preset miles. You can earn points in this app that, after being converted, will be real money.

Just follow the requirements, and your fitness goal for 2020 will get you lots of money, which is like a cherry on the top of the cake.


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Kmart developed this fitness tracking app with such perfection that it will help you lose belly fat significantly, and you will feel relatively fresh for such things. There are numerous weight-loss contests in 2020 going on through various applications, and you can join one using FitStudio.

The rewards are quite good, considering you’re getting it from a trusted brand like Kmart. Just sync your fitness band with FitStudio and get a chance to earn up to $4-6 for every 5000 calories you burn.


We all used to pack when we were small children to keep a secret or achieve some target. Well, this application also uses the similar feature in which you can set the weekly goal of losing weight in the form pact and get rewarded for sticking with it. 

In this application, you choose any goal or pacts like eating healthy or vegetable foods only, exercise for a month, etc. When you achieve any of these challenges, it pays you to reward, and you will be glad to participate in such a healthy challenge. The rewards are not high, but with one successful pact, you can make around $1-5, and it’s quite good.

Final words

So these are some of the best apps that pay to lose weight that works flawlessly. You can trust them since thousands of people have already earned money. Sometimes, you will want to quit the challenge and get back to the old unhealthy routine. However, stick to those goals and make a better body plus some money as rewards. During these pandemic situations, your body needs to fit and have a healthy immune system. A few paid fitness Apps are also included in this, which will ask you to deposit some money, go with them after reading lots of reviews. If you have any doubts or questions, then leave a comment down below.