30 Apps Like TweakBox for iPhone and iPad [Free Download]

TweakBox is a highly popular third-party app store available on iOS devices. But, sometimes a single store is not enough to find the things you want. So, we have found some more apps like TweakBox for your iPhones and iPad. You can use these to find any exclusive app you’ve been looking for.

If you are looking for some great third-party app stores, this post is specifically written for you. Here, we are going to introduce you to the top 30 apps like TweakBox. Just go through this list and you’ll have a lot of places to look through when finding any app.

Best Apps Like TweakBox

The majority of iOS users prefer the App Store to download apps. But, there are certain advanced users who go beyond the device restrictions and use third-party app stores. If you are one of them, you’d probably know about TweakBox. For those who don’t know, TweakBox is an unofficial third-party app store that is very popular and widely used.

This app store has been a great place to find exclusive apps, hacks, modded version apps, and many such things. But, not all apps are available on TweakBox. So, you can try using multiple app stores to find the apps that you want. That’s why we have brought 30 apps like TweakBox for you. Take a look at them.

1. iPABox

iPABox is an amazing app installer for iOS where you can find great apps, hacks, mods, emulators, ++tweaks, and a lot of useful things. It is completely free and safe to use. You don’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to use it as some people think. You don’t even need an Apple ID to use it. One can simply download it, run it, and start installing apps.

The user interface of the store is very smooth and easy to understand. You will also get frequent updates including many new features. The best thing is that the apps you download through it are safe as they come with the standard SSL encryption.

2. Ignition

Ignition is a brilliant mobile app library available for both iOS as well as Android users. If you like using Jailbreak apps, tweaked apps, cracks, and similar ones, this should be a very useful store for you. You don’t need to Jailbreak or Root your device to use it. You can simply install and start using it. The user interface is also friendly and smooth.

Anyone can easily understand it. The best thing about Ignition is that it regularly provides updates to their Jailbreak and tweaked apps. And, all this is for absolutely free.

3. iOS Ninja

iOS Ninja is another fast and reliable third-party App Store to install exclusive tweaks and apps on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad without jailbreaking them. It has a great collection of apps and games, including the most popular ones and even some indy apps. The user interface is smooth and clean. Anyone can easily understand it.

The best thing is that iOS Ninja is free to use and yet, it doesn’t have any ads. Also, the team continuously works to provide regular updates and adds new apps every single day. It is one of the safest apps like TweakBox

4. AppValley

AppValley is a widely popular third-party App Store available for both iOS as well as Android users. You can find a massive collection of cracked, tweaked, and modded applications here. The user interface of the app is very simple and user-friendly. You can easily explore the categories of tweaked apps.

If you are looking for a tweaked version of a certain app but it isn’t available anywhere else, there are great chances that you’ll find it in AppValley.

5. Aptoide

Aptoide is the most popular and biggest Play Store alternative for Android users but now they have extended their services to iOS users also. You can use Aptoide on your iPhone or iPad to download normal as well as tweaked iOS apps for free. You can also share your own apps in the IPA file format.

The apps are categorized in different sections and you can even check their user rating just like the official App Store. It also provides app updates, bug fixes, and new features regularly. The best part is that all this is absolutely free.

6. TutuApp

TutuApp is another impressive third-party App Store available for both iOS and Android users. It is a stable, safe, and highly reliable App Store alternative to find a huge collection of applications. You can find normal versions as well as the tweaked ones. It is free to use and you don’t need to Jailbreak or Root your device to use it.

You can simply install it, find apps, and install them on your device. The user interface is clean and very simple to understand. One can easily browse through it.

7. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is better known as an app like TutuApp. This third-party App Store has a very similar interface to TutuApp but it offers an ever greater collection of applications. You can go through the library and find some really useful app mods and tweaks with it. It is completely free to use, secure, and reliable.

It is available for both Android and iOS users. So, it works as an alternative for the Play Store and the App Store.

8. Zestia

Zestia is another popular App Store alternative that calls itself an Application Assistant. This third-party store claims to help you free your iDevice. It has a great collection of exclusive apps and tweaks to install on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad without jailbreaking it. The user interface is simple and smooth. Anyone can easily understand it.

It also provides regular updates and one of the most updated third-party app installers. You can surely use it to search, download, and install modded apps on your iOS device.

9. AppEven

AppEven is one more well-know unofficial App Store for iOS devices. It has an extensive collection of tweaked, modified, ++ versions of popular apps and games. You don’t even need to Jailbreak your device or use your Apple ID in order to start using it. You can simply install and run it to download your favorite apps and games.

The user interface is the simplest. It claims itself to be even easier than using Cydia. If you have ever used Cydia, then you’d know how simple using AppEven could be. The best thing is that it is absolutely free for everyone.

30 Tweakbox alternatives for iOS

Here is the full list of all tweakbox alternatives that you can use;

  1. IPABox
  2. Ignition
  3. iOS Ninja
  4. AppValley
  5. Aptoide
  6. TutuApp
  7. Panda Helper
  8. Zestla
  9. AppEven
  10. iTongPush
  11. AppCake
  12. Emus4U
  13. AppAddict
  14. iNoJB
  15. Mojo Installer
  16. ACMarket
  17. vShare
  18. Asterix Installer
  19. BlackMart Alpha
  20. Mob.org
  21. iPa4Fun
  22. AppLand
  23. GetJar
  24. TweakDoor
  25. TopStore
  26. iOS Haven
  27. AltStore
  28. CokernutX
  29. Sileo
  30. 25PP

Final Words

TweakBox is a great third-party app store. But, why should we limit ourselves to a single store when we have multiple amazing options. So, these were the 26 apps like TweakBox. If you’ll use these, you can find almost any app that you want. If you know about some more similar names, let us all know in the comments.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful.