Apple re-establishes service following a widespread outage.

Apple re-establishes service following a widespread outage: Several Apple services were down for a short time for some people, but the company says that all of the problems have been fixed after about two hours.

Some Apple Maps services were down, and some iMessage services, iCloud Mail, iCloud Keychain, and the App Store. iCloud Music, Apple TV Plus, and Podcasts were also down on Apple’s system status page.

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Apple told people their service might be slow or not work in many cases, but it didn’t say what was wrong.

Many people reported problems with iMessage and iCloud on the site Down Detector on Monday afternoon.

They also stopped corporate employees from working at home and kept workers at a retail store from finishing their jobs. Apple employees say that the outage slowed down product repairs, swaps, and item pick-ups.

When Apple’s services went down, it was one of the widest outages, affecting all of their services.

Service is back up and running after a widespread outage.