Apple may reveal a new MacBook Air at WWDC 2022, but should you purchase it

According to rumors, Apple will launch a new MacBook Air at WWDC 2022. Apple is considering a new MacBook Air for its developer conference, according to Mark German, a well-known reporter.

Another set of rumors said that Apple would announce new colors for the MacBook Air; however, Gurman noted that although the MacBook Air might be unveiled during the event, additional colors being released are limited.

“It’s possible that the much-reported concept of the new MacBook Air appearing in a range of “many colors” is overdone,” Gurman tweeted about the new MacBook Air. Space grey, silver, and gold are now available. I wouldn’t expect anything other than those colors, even the color of my favorite iMac (albeit the new gold will be more champagne-like).

According to German, the sole reason Apple may not announce the MacBook Air at the WWDC is this. “The only way it doesn’t,” he continued, “is if the China factory closures caused such a supply and release date gap that it wouldn’t make sense to announce it on Monday.”

Several rumors and leaks have suggested that Apple may alter the MacBook Air’s design in the future. The forthcoming MacBook Air, for example, will have a MiniLED display instead of an LCD. It will continue to be the lightest Mac model in Apple’s lineup.

According to rumors, the upcoming MacBook Air will include a better FaceTime HD camera with 1080p quality. On recent MacBook Air models, 720p HD cameras are available.

One of the major upgrades in the next MacBook Air is the all-new processor. The M2 CPU, which will successor Apple’s phenomenally successful M1 microprocessor, is expected to be unveiled. The new chip will be speedier and more efficient in terms of performance.