Apple iPhone 12 is now available in India for Rs 24,900. How?

Apple iPhone 12: The Apple iPhone 12 is one of the best high-end phones on the market. It’s still a great deal, even though the iPhone 12 has been around for more than a year.

It’s as fast as some of the most recent Android phones. Released in 2020, it had a price of Rs 79,900 when it first came out in India. After the iPhone 13 came out last year, Apple cut by Rs 65,900.

Because of a great deal, you can get the iPhone 12 for just Rs 24,900.

It costs Rs 24,900 to buy the iPhone 12 from Aptronix, one of Apple’s “Premium Resellers.”

The deal is very simple. It costs Rs 65,900 to buy the iPhone 12 in India, but it costs Rs 24,900 to buy it on the platform.

This is a total savings of Rs 41,000. Let me show you how it works.

To get the discount on the iPhone 12, you don’t need a discount card or coupon. Price after the discount: Rs 56,000 for iPhone 12 64GB with 64GB of space.

Use a credit card from ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, or SBI to get a cashback of Rs 5,000.

As a discount, the iPhone 12 will cost Rs 51,000. Trade-in your old iPhone for the best deal.

When you trade in your iPhone 11, Aptronix says, you can get up to Rs 23,100 for it. However, there is a rule.

If you have an iPhone 11, Aptronix says it should be in good shape, but it didn’t say which factors would be used to determine how much it would be worth.

Rs 26,100 is how much it costs to buy everything together. As long as your iPhone 11 works, you can get back Rs 23,100 if it’s in good shape. A Rs 3,000 bonus will be added on top of this value.

Following the exchange value, the iPhone 12 costs Rs 24,900. You should not miss out on this deal if you want to buy the iPhone 12.