A few Elden Ring Players Claim They’re being banned for no reason.

Being banned for no reason: Elden Ring players around the globe remain immersed in the realms that are The Lands Between, delving into dungeons, finding precious treasures, and sharing their adventures with both invaders and allies alike.

 However, a few Elden Ring gamers seem to have realized that they cannot communicate with other players on Thursday. 

It was initially thought to be a server issue that affected some Elden Ring players might be an unidentified ban that targeted players with unspecified behavior.

A flood of posts asking the possibility that Elden Ring‘s online multiplayer servers had gone down swept through the internet early on Thursday morning.

 However, the outage seemed to be affecting only just a handful of players.

 The majority of Elden Ring players had no problems regarding the server. 

Without any answers from FromSoftware or the publisher Bandai Namco, Elden Ring players began to wonder if something else was happening.

Then, some players realized that a tiny percentage of Elden Ring players were revealing that multiplayer was not working anymore for them; however, they’d also been banned from the game before the incident occurred.

 A screenshot posted online showed an error message: “Inappropriate activation detected. Returning to the title menu” was displayed before the game was shut down multiplayer. 

At some point, the outage changed to appear much like something from an Elden Ring ban wave.

In addition, there’s no official announcement on the issue either from FromSoftware or Bandai Namco on the matter. 

There’s been no proof of the bans or the reason behind the bans. 

A few posts posted on Twitter concerning “Inappropriate Activities” indicate that there’s no regularity of behavior being punished, and the bans seem to be retroactive to some undefined behavior that was previously resorted to. 

Likely, these bans came about in a completely erroneous manner.

It’s a stressful situation. A ban wave seems to be going out without any official confirmation; however, Elden Ring participants are concerned that they may be next banned without knowing what caused it or how to prevent the situation. 

There’s the possibility that banned players attempted to cheat or hack into the game, but this is unlikely given the number of players who have been forbidden to date.

One of the ideas circulated in some of the Elden Ring community is to relate to FromSoftware’s security concerns before launch. 

A problem with the multiplayer code from From Software caused its games to be highly vulnerable to hacking, creating the risk of security for users. 

There were changes made, but some believe that FromSoftware’s anti-cheat might not be working correctly and could be detecting false positives for cheaters. 

There’s no confirmation of Bandai Namco and FromSoftware; this is merely an issue of speculation.