Apple expects iPhone 14 sales and wants suppliers to manufacture 90 million devices

Apple has ordered 90 million iPhone 14 devices from its vendors. Like the previous year, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth anticipates producing 220 million iPhones worldwide in 2022.

The most recent information was provided by Bloomberg, which cited sources with knowledge of the situation.

Due to the worldwide economic downturn and increased demand from wealthy clients, Apple anticipates lower smartphone market competition.

The worldwide smartphone market, which fell to a 9 percent decline in the June quarter of this year, is predicted by IDC to contract by 3.5 percent in 2022.

According to Apple’s predictions, it is confident in its ability to withstand the crisis. The competitiveness in the premium smartphone market has been diminished due to Huawei’s underwhelming performance. Additionally, the number of Android phone shipments is declining.

Apple maintained its new iPhone sales at around 75 million units until 2021. In anticipation of the increasing demand brought on by the drop in COVD-19, it boosted its aim for last year to 90 million units.

According to Bloomberg, during the short to medium term, the percentage increase in iPhone sales will remain in the “single digits.”

Four new iPhone 14 models are anticipated from Apple next month. According to rumors, the Pro models will have a new front design, a better selfie camera, a new back camera, and a quicker A16 chipset.