According to Kuo, Apple Will Not Introduce Its AR/VR Headset at WWDC 2022

Apart from the obvious software changes, Apple’s annual WWDC 2022 event is just around the horizon, and reports predicted that the firm might at least preview its much-anticipated AR/VR headset during the event. 

We even found trademark registrations for “reality,” which might be the headset’s operating system. However, if Kuo is correct, Apple will not show its headgear during its WWDC. This is why.

No AR/VR headset from Apple at WWDC 2022!

Apple’s highly-anticipated AR/VR headset will take time to mass-produce, according to Kuo, who recently went to Twitter ahead of the WWDC presentation next week. 

As a result, according to the analyst, Apple “will not announce AR/MR headset and reported reality at WWDC this year.”

For this reason, Kuo believes that revealing the AR/MR headset and RealityOS at Apple’s forthcoming developer conference would be premature.

Furthermore, the Apple expert said in a second tweet that if Apple debuts its AR/MR headset next week, it will allow third-party manufacturers the chance to duplicate the design and market knockoff devices before Apple does. As a result, delaying the introduction of the product until it has been finished and tested is a wise move.

He went on to say that Apple will release the AR/MR headset in 2023. This is in keeping with a recent Bloomberg story that suggested a postponement till next year.

Although it is doubtful that Apple would offer us a sneak glimpse at its mixed reality headset at its forthcoming presentation, the firm may provide crucial information about the headset and RealityOS. 

It may mention compatible applications, and iOS 16 itself might have necessary AR/VR functionality. So stay tuned for Apple’s WWDC 2022, which kicks out on June 6th, and keep an eye on our platform for further information.