7 Ways to Promote Your Business

man writing on glass board

Growing a business often feels like climbing a never-ending staircase, but few would argue that the ascent feels good. Today, we have dozens of well-known marketing/promotion strategies that not only help us take the next steps up but make true leaps of progress.

Let’s examine seven of them that have a truly great and tangible impact on operations.

1. Broadcast your identity with printed material and merchandise

You need to get creative and think outside the box when creating your printed marketing material. For example, you can make postcards that include pictures. These are especially important for a memorable design, so make sure you use high-quality photos that reflect your unique message and branding, along with your logo and brand name. Furthermore, every piece of merchandise is a representation of your company, offering you the opportunity to introduce your brand to the hundreds or thousands of people that see it. And once they know the name, they’re just one step closer to buying your product/service. So don’t skimp on those promotional fridge magnets.

2. Harness the power of search engines

If you want more people to find and choose your business for their needs – search engines (Google in particular) are an invaluable tool. But before you make it to the front page of the results on every word or phrase associated with your company, you may have to do some optimization, and purchase ads – perhaps implement a digital content pipeline.

3. Start building email lists ASAP

Email marketing is still essential in 2022, especially for B2-B companies. Creating email lists for clients, subscribers, and groups of interest can do a wonderful job of driving new business to the company and keeping longtime clients coming back. However, nobody likes to be inundated with promotional emails, so it’ll be up to you to find the right balance of helpful/irritating.

4. Don’t forget to use CTAs

CTA (call to action) represents a phrase or sentence encouraging behavior from a reader. If you’re writing about a service, a call to action would be the text that finally convinces the reader to do something – try the product, subscribe, take a tour, etc. Feel free to add CTAs in any preferred form: text marketing, banners, videos, etc – you should see a real uptick in customer activity.

5. Set up a knowledge base

Many modern companies have a section on their website dedicated to sharing information. This could be a blog, a collection of articles, assorted manuals, etc. You might wonder how providing information promotes your business? The answer is that it can draw in new readers AKA customers – via answering their burning questions while demonstrating a readily-available product or service.

6. Hire the right specialists

Many marketing teams nowadays are hiring lead generation specialists or partnership managers, sales associates, and similar specialist types. They bring in a lot of new clients and supplement the flow of business that’s already coming in via your usual processes.

7. Connect with partners and affiliates

Partnering with other companies can be a great way to expand your reach and share your message with new audiences and markets that you normally don’t have access to. As long as you find a mutually beneficial arrangement with the related companies/persons, you can both reap continued benefits.