5 Expectations Every Bride Should Have When Shopping for Jewelry

silver diamond ring on white textile

When shopping for jewelry for your promise rings, engagement rings, or wedding rings, your expectations are one of the most important things to think about when going into it. Your expectations can affect how much you enjoy the experience and how much you’ll spend to get what you want. For instance, if you expect to spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring, then that’s what you’ll likely end up doing if your expectations are too high. 

Before shopping, keep these expectations in mind to ensure overall satisfaction with your experience. It will help you shop more confidently, but it will also ensure you walk away with something you’ll love and cherish forever. After all, this piece of jewelry should be with you on your special day and beyond.

Know what you want

If you’re looking for diamonds or an engagement ring made of Moissanite, be prepared to talk about more than just carat weight and color. Be aware of whether you’re after cut or shape, too. I’ve often heard a bride walk into a store wanting one thing (a round diamond) but unknowingly walking out with something else (say, an emerald cut). It can be disheartening if you don’t know what you want to begin with, but take some time to consider all your options before coming in.

Decide a budget

Set a budget for yourself; decide how much you’re willing to spend on jewelry and stick to it. Stick to your budget no matter what. Remember that jewelry isn’t always about quality, either—in many cases, you get what you pay for and can find beautifully crafted pieces in less expensive settings. Shop around: Don’t just purchase from one store—find out what they have to offer and compare it with other retailers.

Know your style

Regardless of where you buy your jewelry, there’s a chance that you can end up with an accessory you don’t love. That happens to brides all too often: they get pressured into picking out earrings or a necklace or bracelet they might not have chosen on their own. There are some simple ways to avoid that kind of mistake, though. The first is to shop around and find pieces that reflect your style—not just what your friends or family might think is flattering or pretty, but what speaks specifically to you. 

Don’t forget to bargain.

There’s no need to be shy about haggling. Yes, you can probably still get a better deal online (jewelry prices are usually significantly lower), but if you have time and don’t mind haggling, it’s worth negotiating with a local jeweler. You never know—he or she might even throw in some gifts and accessories for buying your ring in person. There’s also something cool about purchasing your wedding jewelry from a shopkeeper who knows you by name and is invested in seeing you look your best on one of life’s biggest days. Plus, when shopping locally, you can often find unique pieces that aren’t available through more mass-market retailers.

Understand Gemstones 

It’s easy to be swept away by how pretty jewelry is, but you should never make a decision based solely on appearances. While looks are essential, there’s a world of knowledge behind every gemstone and metal. Be sure to learn as much as you can about each stone before making a purchase. And don’t be afraid to ask questions: even experienced Jewelers can benefit from learning new things every day. It’s an art as much as it is a science. If you’re interested in engagement rings made of Moissanite, they’ve been prized for their heat resistance. They can survive temperatures over 1600 degrees Fahrenheit—they’re also stunning when set into gorgeous jewelry pieces. Whether your interest lies in rings or necklaces made with Moissanite gems, know that all diamonds are created equal—but not all diamonds look alike.