5 Best SMG Weapon: COD Mobile

5 Best SMG Weapon: COD Mobile is a first-person shooter game that has been an essential part of the gaming world. 

It is a shooter-based game; guns play a crucial role in CODM. SMG guns offer a deadly speed in mid to close range during the game. 

However, not all firearms are compatible in the game. Have you ever thought about the most effective SMG guns available in COD Mobile? 

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Check out the following list to discover.

Top 5 SMG Guns In COD Mobile

Here are five of the top SMG guns that are available in CODM. 

The majority of these guns will be suitable for all games and players. 

However, some require some knowledge to give the best performance.


A fully automated SMG that is fully automatic, the QQ9 provides severe damage and also high mobility.

 It is fast to fire rate and has good accuracy, making it one of the top SMG guns available in COD Mobile. 

Additionally, you’ll enjoy a large magazine as well as a decent recoil when using the QQ9. 

These features make this SMG extremely effective when fighting close range. 

It’s also one of the most effective SMGs to carry during mid-quarter combat.

PP19 Bizon

PP19 Bizon can be described as a well-balanced SMG durable and provides high mobility. 

It was launched in CODM in season 3 and has been the top SMG option since its introduction. The most appealing feature of this gun is its size, which can be compared with an LMG.

 You can blitz your opponents with bullets when you Reload. Additionally, this PP19 Bizon offers good agility and is easy to operate. 

Anyone new to shooting will have no difficulties with this SMG. It is an ideal SMG gun to keep at your disposal.


CBR4 was released into CODM in Season 10. Since its launch, the CBR4 has left quite an impression on members of the CODM community. 

It’s an excellent gun to shoot mid or even for longer ranges. In addition, it provides the best time to hit with greater consistency than most SMGs.

The only issue you could face with the gun is its recoil. You’ll need some training and experience to use the weapon to its fullest potential.


The QXR has had its fair share of ups and downs within CODM. It was one of the top SMG guns available in COD Mobile at one time. 

Since it was nerfed and redesigned, it was reduced by a few inches. 

It’s still a great gun and can be deadly when used by the right person. 

But you could be a bit skeptical due to the shallow damage loss at range and the insecure ADS movement. 

But skilled players can demonstrate why this gun is among the most effective SMG guns available in Call of Duty Mobile.


Fennec is among the best SMG guns available from CODM But is it the most effective? 

This is mainly dependent on the person who is handling the weapon. 

It requires precise handling and the ability to control the recoil and keep an accurate count of the bullets. 

In addition, like the QXR, the gun has a considerable damage loss at a distance. This is not the only negative about this SMG, however. 

Professional players can take advantage of its speed and power to dominate and kill the game. 

Because of this, the Fennec cannot be taken out of contention for the most effective SMG on the market. 

Are there other better SMGs that are available? Yes. Are there better SMGs available? Also Yes. It is dependent on the shooter whether they can maximize the use of this weapon.

They are among the top SMG guns available on COD Mobile right now.