3 Best Things Money Can Buy in Phoenix, AZ

city buildings during night time

Money can’t buy you happiness, but what is also true is that it can help a lot. Retail therapy is being used by many people as a way to combat depression and anxiety. It also helps those who don’t have such serious issues but simply had a bad day restore the balance and put a smile back on their face. 

Many only see this as a cause for overspending and a product of capitalism. The truth, however, is that there is a study that shows shopping does help, and retail therapy is called therapy for a reason. If one knows when to stop, of course. Just like other things in life, it’s good for you unless you overdo it. 

And for those shopping lovers who want to spend a dime or two, Phoenix, AZ can be a perfect choice. After all, it’s the home of one of the biggest shopping malls in the southwest. So if you live here or you are a visitor, here is a list of great things to shop for in Phoenix. 

A Creosote Bundle

Thinking about the state of Arizona, after the Grand Canyon, your next thought will probably be the Sonoran Desert. And one of the most amazing things to witness in a desert is – rain. Now imagine if you could somehow harvest the wonderful smell that comes after it. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, it exists, and you can buy it in the form of a Desert Rain Creosote Bundle from Phoenix General.

The bundle is meant to keep you company in the shower, where, after you make it wet, the steam will do the rest and cause the wonderful scent to surround you. It’s harvested locally, and they are made to order, so you might want to send an order before you visit if this is the souvenir you want. But it’s worth the effort as it is truly a very Phoenix thing to buy. 

Estate jewelry 

Jewelry is a great souvenir and generally a great purchase if you want to feel like you invested in your future while doing some shopping. If you want to make sure what you buy has connections with the location, you should go for estate jewelry. It’s the kind that was pre-owned by someone, so local ties are pretty certain. 

Phoenix is a great place to opt for such accessories. It’s the home of one of the best estate jewelry stores. If you are uncertain what piece to take, the staff can help you with it. And if you are thinking of proposing, there’s a great selection of engagement rings as well. 

Local food 

If you feel like you have everything, or you are buying a gift for someone who’s like that, there can hardly be a better solution than food. Phoenix is home to so many great local goods that you will find something for every taste. We did, of course, pick a few to help. 


The first choice has to be something to do with the desert again, naturally. If you are not into shower scents that we suggested first, maybe you would like to treat yourself to a delicious dish from the desert. And maybe that could be a dessert. Our recommendation has been made in Phoenix using juice from the prickly pear cactus since 1942, and it’s called Cactus Candy. You can find it in stores around the city. 

And, for those who like to cook and experiment while doing it, Sting’ n’ Linger seasoning is a great choice. It’s a great match with different kinds of meat, but also with salad dressing or popcorn. It can be easily found around grocery stores in Phoenix. 

To conclude 

One of the greatest ways to be certain you are keeping the balance while shopping and not overdoing it is to make sure you know what you want and need. The list above is created to help you with that, no matter if you are a local or a tourist.