11+ Jobs To Pursue After Coding Bootcamp in USA

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If you have a keen interest in technology and want to pursue a career in the same, but you don’t have a degree in technology, you need not worry. Career options after coding boot camps are booming now. All you need to do is complete a Coding Bootcamp, and then you can choose from a range of options.

The top 12 jobs after Coding Bootcamps (USA)

Here are 12 jobs that you can pursue after taking a coding Bootcamp in the USA:

  1. Developer Advocate: A Developer Advocate creates technical content and tools for other developers. He researches technologies that are new and evolving. As a part of his job role, he attends conferences and events and provides customer support. In the role of a Developer Advocate, Coding Bootcamp helps to understand web development frameworks, learn frontend and backend languages, and learn whiteboarding algorithms. A developer advocate who has gained this knowledge is easily able to talk fluently about code.
  2. Web Developer: Studying a full-stack curriculum and having the knowledge of HTML and CSS is certainly important to start off as a web developer; however coding Bootcamp offers a range of opportunities that are out there for web developers.
  3. Software Engineer: The knowledge of full-stack JavaScript and having a prior experience in coding is essential to becoming a software engineer, but that provides very limited space. If you want to know what actual software development is, the knowledge of Coding Bootcamp will open your way to the world of software development.
  4. Designer: if you are a designer, the coding boot camp will help you to know about things such as coding, web design, and user interface. You can design and build websites on your own with this knowledge. UX designers collaborate with UI designers, graphic designers, web or application developers, and product managers to create digital products, such as applications and websites. They first understand the users’ needs for those applications and websites. They test solutions based on those needs, identify what is lacking in these designs, conduct stability tests, and research user groups and competitors. The knowledge of coding boot camp can provide UX designers with the necessary skills required for research, design, programming, and assessment.
  5. Experience Developer: With the knowledge of coding bootcamp, an experienced developer at Adobe spends her time in the web development of small-scale experience products, researching and updating herself on the latest knowledge on technology. After learning coding boot camp, the developer is earning a 3-digit figure in San Francisco.
  6. DevOps Engineer: In the role of a DevOps engineer, on a daily basis, you will have to work with the developers to facilitate code deployments. You will have to ensure that the infrastructure and updates related to the backend and placed correctly before the code, script, and automation of old and new tasks are deployed. This order is followed to ensure that consistency is maintained. The knowledge of Coding Bootcamp helps the DevOps engineer to understand many new topics in detail.
  7. Product Manager: As a product manager, you will have to ensure that your team is building the set of features that will prove to be useful to a person related to a different domain. For example, a feature which will be useful for patients. as a product manager, you might not have to write good hands-on, but Coding Bootcamp will help you to understand the building of software in detail. This will be useful for you in your role of leading a product for a team of engineers.
  8. Product Architect: A product architect has to design, build, guide, and develop efforts as a part of his daily job role. Tasks involve building UX and UI prototypes and writing code in C or Swift. Learning Coding Bootcamp not only helps a product architect to acquire the skills required to contribute codes to Nextenture’s technology project, but it also makes the project designer more efficient. Learning Coding Bootcamp provides the required knowledge related to technology in a person that allows him to talk to anyone on technology projects with ease.
  9. Chief Product Officer: As a chief product officer, your main focus will be on building a strong product team consisting of professionals of different roles, such as designers, product managers, and quality assurance engineers. In your job role, your task will involve interfacing with the engineering and business development teams. Learning coding bootcamps will be useful to you in managing a cross-functional team consisting of technology professionals, as well as handling Technology related tasks yourself.
  10. Chief Executive Officer: Being in the role of a chief executive officer will require you to don many hats. Learning coding bootcamp helps the chief executive officer to ensure whether he is making the right decision while rolling out a new feature.
  11. Data Scientist: In the regular job profile of a data scientist, you will have to analyze, organize, and draw insights from large groups of data. After you have completed a coding bootcamp, you will gain the required programming skills and statistical skills and be able to critically analyze information. This information will be crucial to developing and using statistical models, data, and machine learning to create solutions. You will also need this information to write reports and present results to stakeholders, and make recommendations based on these results.
  12. Data Analyst: In the role of a data analyst, you will have to organize, analyze, and draw insights from large groups of data. Coding Bootcamp provides the data analyst with the knowledge required for statistical testing and uses coding languages such as SQL for data interaction.


Coding Bootcamp can boost your career and increase your salary manifold by providing the required skills in a short time. A data analyst earns $75,547 per annum on average. The average pay scale of a project manager is $ 86,197 a year. Further, the annual average salary of a UI Designer is $ 86,539 per annum. If you want new doors in your career options to open without needing to complete a bachelor’s degree, Coding Bootcamp is one such option.