Zoo Tycoon: How to Clean Up Animal Poop

 Clean Up Animal Poop: Pet ownership can be highly satisfying, and so is caring for animals as a whole. 

However, specific tasks aren’t as enjoyable and, as anyone who has accomplished one of the Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection weekly Xbox Game Pass quest is likely to attest to. 

The game’s quest has a value of fifty Microsoft Reward Points, requires players to “Clean up 5 Animal Poops,” and is know to be extremely difficult to complete.

Although cleaning up the poop present inside the Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection is not nearly as messy and messy would be in reality, it could take a long time.

This is because there is an absence of the “Press ‘P’ to Poop” option, which means the players must sit and let nature proceed.

They won’t need to wash their hands when it does since getting rid of the poop can be accomplished by pressing a button.

How to Clean Up Animal Poop in Zoo Tycoon

People who want to eliminate the poop accumulating in Zoo Tycoon should first stop any Zookeepers they might already have since they are know for swooping into the enclosure to scoop up the poop before players ever have an opportunity.

After that’s clean up, the next step is to ensure they have at minimum one big enclosure with many animals inside and then presses the button Y to the Xbox controller to access Tycoon View

After entering this virtual game’s Tycoon View, players are required to look at one of the exhibits of animals.

 Next, they should hit the “A” button to open the editing menu within various tabs. 

The third tab to the left is marked “Poop,” and, assuming that there’s some poop in the enclosure that needs to remove which is evident by the tab’s same color of beige as those around it players can click A on the Poop tab to focus to the enclosure. 

In this case, they can hit”A” to wash any poop found within the enclosed area.

 Sometimes, they might clean multiple poops with just one button, as shown in the number of poops within the parentheses. 

To complete the challenge, you’ll need to get rid of five poops; however, anyone hoping to achieve the difficult challenge, “Poop Master,” will need to collect an eye-watering one thousand.

 If no more poop needs to clean, players playing in a sandbox Zoo will need to be patient and wait for the animals to go about their business.

Or, players can play any of the scenarios available in the game’s campaign mode and choose retry whenever they’re unable to poop. 

This could mean having to sit for a long time on Zoo Tycoon‘s extremely long loading screen several times.

 This is not recommend for those trying to achieve one thousand poops.