YouTube Brings different ways for creators to earn money


  • YouTube has added creative ways to creators earn money through Shorts and online shopping.
  • Many new features are planned for 2022.
  • As a partner, YouTube is bringing a unique shopping experience.

It’s been just over a month since a new year began, and we’re already getting an understanding of how the following year’s calendar will appear to be. First, Google has revealed its launch date to its Android 13 OS, and now YouTube has released its plans for 2022.

YouTube will allow creators and users to create their content as NFTs and utilize them as collaborative tools. In its 2022 plans, YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan revealed that the company would add numerous new features in the coming year, including web3 technology such as NFTs, blockchain, and many more.

YouTube offers creators features.

The post suggests YouTube could begin by permitting users to upload video content on its platform, probably through NFTs. “For instance, offering an authentic way for users to own their artwork, videos, photographs as well as experiences from their favorite creators might be an appealing proposition for both the creators and their audience,” the post said.

It is tweaking its tools to create videos and engage with viewers, including a reply to specific comments on a Short similar to what users respond to comments on TikTok. Creators can also set channel guidelines to “better define the tone of the conversations.”

YouTube¬†chief executive Susan Wojcicki had announced that the company was planning to add NFTs on its platform earlier in the month, but the blog post published the night before clarifies things. Additionally, YouTube will soon roll out an interface that allows users to connect on their smartphone with the content that they’re watching on the TV.¬†

This is possible when in an account that’s the same on two devices. It will let viewers leave a comment or write one and share videos via their mobile devices, in addition to other things.

YouTube added that the company would begin exploring other ways to earn money from Shorts over the next few weeks, including looking at innovative ways.

However, for creators of shorts to create branded content using BrandConnect and incorporating the features of fans-funded content such as Super Chat into Shorts, and offering the option to purchase directly from the Short.

YouTube has features for viewers.

For the viewer, the features are like metaverse and the capability to hear the background.

YouTube has announced that soon it will unveil an innovative way for users to make use of their smartphones while they view YouTube on their televisions to write or comment or upload videos to friends, as well as other things. Unfortunately, YouTube did not provide specific information about this.

YouTube announced that it would roll out new audio experiences that include features that will improve your listening experience by reducing the volume of peaking and amplifying soft sound for its Premium users.

The company also said that it plans to improve listening quality through the metaverse. “The first area where you can anticipate to see a change is gaming, in which we’ll strive to bring more interaction to games and make them feel more real,” the YouTube executive said.