Why Renting Technology Could Save Your Company Money

Each year, the price of new technology increases, with the latest Macs, tablets, and televisions increasingly pushing new technological boundaries – and price boundaries. For individuals, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with affording flagship devices, and this problem is only magnified for businesses.

Whilst the benefits of attending and hosting events as a business needn’t be explained, sometimes the benefits of providing convenient technology are overlooked. Be it pop-up shops and temporary locations to conferences and exhibitions, having technology that the attendees can use is going to increase the interactiveness of the event, making it more engaging and more capable to deliver information.

Tablet rental companies like Choose2rent iPads provide both short-term and long-term rental possibilities for thousands of handsets – including cellular LTE devices. One of the strongest benefits when renting technological equipment is the ongoing technical support that the business will receive – something that is more useful than the usual manufacturer support.

Some use cases for hiring tablets are to provide information at kiosks, but they can also be used internally in an office, such as providing meeting room availability beside the door. The benefits are similar to that of leasing a fleet of cars – servicing, repairs, and maintenance are more convenient whilst the latest versions and upgrades are provided for cheaper than purchasing. This is also why interactive terminals are popular to rent.

Of course, it’s not just tablets that are available for rent for events. Body temperature scanners to help comply with COVID precautions are also economical to rent, along with event kiosks, virtual speaker kits, and event floor stands. Audio equipment can also take up a lot of storage space when not in use, making it another popular choice for rental. One of the most interactive pieces of technology available for rent is VR headsets, which can immerse an audience and provide a novel and entertaining experience – certainly memorable, but also has connotations of being an industry leader and being at the forefront of innovation.

There are a few ways to help calculate if renting is financially beneficial over purchasing. Generally, the length of the rental term will play a huge role, but so will the expected lifespan of the equipment involved. In other words, what is the obsolescence rate and how long do you expect the technology to survive? Generally, you will pay for insurance when renting whilst this isn’t as mandatory when purchasing.

If you have a comprehensive IT department and expect to hold onto the equipment for a long time, you may be paying a greater cost for the privilege of having rental support and free upgrades. However, obsolescence is rife in 2022, with technology developing at an exponential rate. This exponential rate can be factored into your calculations, but it may not be fully factored into the rental companies’ calculations, meaning you may be able to catch them out on plenty of upgrades whilst being grandfathered in with your agreed-upon price. This is a big reason why laptops are commonly rented too, particularly when running the latest version is important to the company.