WhatsApp update: Feature to mute notifications for message reactions coming

WhatsApp continues to experiment with adding new and exciting enhancements and features to improve client experience and the performance of its informing app.

Based on the most current data provided from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is carrying out a new update for the working area client via the authority beta channel, which brings the version to 2.2147.11. In addition, the messaging app is currently implementing an option to silence alerts on messages available in a subsequent update.

WhatsApp beta version for Android and iOS

WABetaInfo also informed us that the same feature is currently being developed for WhatsApp beta versions for Android and iOS. “WhatsApp desktop beta 2.2147.11 What’s the issue? WhatsApp is testing an option to silence notifications for messages, which will be available shortly.

The feature is also being developed for WhatsApp beta versions for Android or iOS,” WABetaInfo tweeted. It stated there was a change in the WhatsApp Desktop version beta 2.21.2147.11 update. WhatsApp identified similar sources to change the probability to control notifications for responses within WhatsApp Desktop/Web Notifications Settings.

WABetaInfo stated in a report it was…

“At the point that the option to send messages responses is added in the upcoming update, a different setting will be accessible to allow you to turn off all notifications when you receive responses.

However, contrary to the feature in WhatsApp for Android that will provide the option of quieting messages that have been received in chat groups, the option to quiet messages isn’t available via the web or work area client as it only allows silence for all messages, with no being able to tell if the notification is coming from a group user or is a single click,” WABetaInfo said in the report.

The site also stated that the feature is currently being worked on, and there’s no actual delivery date as of this time.

WhatsApp also provides voice waveforms that are used to create visit bubbles. According to WABetaInfo, another style for voice notes can be found to select beta analyzers in WhatsApp beta. Also, it must be noted that the feature is available for Android and iOS.

WABetaInfo Twittered on Twitter…

WABetaInfo posted a tweet about something like this and stated, “WhatsApp is carrying out voice waveforms that can be used to create visiting bubbles! A different format for voice notes is available for beta analyzers available on WhatsApp beta versions for Android or iOS.”

WABetaInfo added in a blog post that WhatsApp introduced a brand new format that users can use to select WhatsApp, the beta version on Android, and iOS analyzers on the 4th of December. In addition, explicit beta analyzers will now be able to see speech waveforms within chat bubbles, but it is not a standard feature.

Based on the information provided, you can view voice waveforms of your notes recorded using voice if the feature is activated to users with a WhatsApp account. But, the voice waveforms may never be visible when you receive an email from someone who has the feature disabled or when the note was recorded using an old version of WhatsApp.