What Makes People Think of Bitcoin as a Currency?

gold round coin on gray surface

The emergence of bitcoin technology has created a new type of global marketplace different from traditional models. It’s both decentralized and transparent. Visit Bitcoineer site to get the best trading calls and much better use of artificial intelligence than other trading software.

Connections among traders and other participants form an interconnected network that lets transactions occur almost instantaneously without a third party to spend money or make purchases for you. 

In these new markets, individuals have many more opportunities to use fintech services such as mobile banking or payments with bitcoin as the base currency. The value may fluctuate due to demand, but it will always have intrinsic value because supply is limited by design. Making it a scarce resource in a world that wants more and more. 

A few years ago, many people would think of digital gold coins and fantasy worlds if they were talking about virtual currency or digital payments. However, as bitcoin’s popularity grows, transactions and transactions made with bitcoin grow in value every year. In 2017 alone, the value of bitcoin transactions increased by 30 times compared to where it was in 2015 and 2016.

Why Traditional Currencies Have Value

There can be lots of speculation around the future value of any currency, but there are two core reasons any currency has value. One is its demand by users. The other is an intrinsic value. That’s where blockchain technology comes in, where a specific virtual currency is limited, and there cannot be more because it’s what can be created at a maximum amount in the blockchain system.

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?


A currency must be helpful, too, because a currency is supposed to be used as money. Therefore, another alternative should be different from the use as currency. For example, fiat currencies are subject to inflation which is a dependency on the state for more money. On the other hand, Bitcoin does not have inflation as a critical element for its value, which means that its value is not dependent on the state or any authority.


Bitcoin cannot be duplicated, and there is no way to create more than that amount except by brute force on the network. In other words, its scarcity ensures the currency’s intrinsic value because there will always be less supply available even if demand increases.

It’s essential to prevent unlimited issuance of a currency in the system because that can lead to devaluation and eventually unwanted consequences, including increased difficulty in investing in the same currency. 


Every single bitcoin can be broken down into a 16-digit address called the public key. The private key is the part only you have, and it’s necessary to enable you to spend the money in your account. It’s managed in your phone or computer by something called a wallet. The public key is like an account number; the private key is needed to access those funds.


Bitcoin has the potential for many more applications, such as payment processing, loyalty programs, and asset transfers between individuals without go-betweens or even 3rd parties. For example, anybody can get a reward without a central authority or bank if a company uses blockchain technology.


It’s critical that people can quickly move money from one account to another. If they can’t, it can create significant problems because they’ll be subject to fraud or theft. 


Bitcoin has high limits on its maximum supply of 21 million coins. That’s why it will always have a certain level of value and will not become worthless as long as people continue to use bitcoin for transactions. Changing values and price is an essential part of the free market system because it lets people take risks, make profits, and allocate goods more efficiently based on demand. 

Bitcoin: Is it a successful currency?

As bitcoin has gained popularity as a digital currency, it has become a profitable investing vehicle, and some people have discovered other ways to make money from bitcoin. But the claim that this virtual currency is ‘digital gold has always been flawed. Sure, you can use the stuff to buy things, and a few folks are willing to accept it for their goods and services, but at its core, it is an investment opportunity.

Bitcoin’s value comes from the fact that people see it as valuable. In reality, bitcoin has no value other than the market price, which happens to be tied to what people believe others will pay for it in the future based on supply and demand.