Using Business Visa Cards for Benefits Tailored for Business Owners

Business Visa cards give businesses much payment flexibility. They enable companies to make regular purchases with no requirement for approval or reimbursement procedures. You can find some Business Visa cards giving managers or business owners online tools that help control their business spending. Almost all merchants around the world accept these cards.

What Are Business Visa Cards?

A credit card designed specifically for business use is called a Business Visa card. Business owners and their companies should get approved for these cards after the credit checks. Like personal credit cards, business visa cards also have revolving credit lines used to charge purchases, which should be repaid.

A business credit card’s main purpose is to give users quick access to money. This enables companies to make purchases while waiting for incoming or late payments from clients. You can pay for business purchases and expenses in a simplified way, enjoying an interest-free period that helps increase your business’ cash flow.

Various Reasons for Using Visa Cards for Businesses

Many businesses use business Visa credit cards for reasons other than just increasing their credit limit and improving their company’s credit score. Here are some major ones.

1. Manage employee spending

A Visa card for business will enable you to keep tabs on your employees’ spending if they have to make business-related purchases or incur travel and entertainment costs. It makes it easy to regulate credit card usage by allowing the manager or employer set spending caps for each cardholder and block cards immediately if the spending limit exceeds.

Further, you can generate separate monthly statements of each employee using a Visa card and an overall statement for your Visa card facility for tax preparation and account reconciliation.

For instance, an RHB Corporate Card or RHB Purchasing Card is a great option for this, as it enables companies to give employees their very own business credit cards and have transactions viewable online via RHB Reflex, which is a mobile banking application. 

2. Improve business cash flow

Company credit cards offer charge-free days and short-term access to funds. As a result of this, companies get enough time to make payments without paying interest, which increases cash flow.

RHB’s Corporate Card and Purchasing Card offer up to a 50-day interest-free period, which helps improve cash flow. With it, you can regulate your business’ overall expenditure using tools that offer customized budgetary and purchasing controls.

3. Help categorize expenses

You can separate business expenses from personal expenses by using a business visa card, which offers online tools to simplify your business spending by categorizing them under different expense heads. Thus, you can easily keep a record of transactions, which helps:

  • Keep track of cash flow and reporting easily 
  • Avoid any need to examine each transaction to determine whether it is personal or business-related.

4. Simplify business spending

Business credit cards eliminate the hassle of compensating employees who use their cards for business expenses, making purchases for business owners and employees quickly and simply.

You can easily update if there is any change in the company, with new employees joining when the business expands. RHB’s company credit cards support digital payments as well, making it simple to make purchases online or on a smartphone.

Further, SMEs can view card statements that detail all payments and balances using the online tools provided by business credit cards. Companies can choose the time to make card payments so that they can free up cash for other uses by making the most of interest-free credit and managing cash flow effectively.

5. Access to rewards and offers

The reward programs offered by the business Visa cards let you accumulate points for cash back, rewards, or airline miles. You earn points for everything you buy using your business card account. 

The reward points can be redeemed for travel, statement credits, merchandise, and gift cards. With RHB Corporate Card, you can enjoy limitless cash back on your retail spending locally or internationally.

Keeping in mind the above points, you can choose the best business Visa cards for your small or medium-based business.