USA Congress Want to see Five changes among the tech giants

USA Congress Want to see Five changes among the tech giants.

WASHINGTON – Groundbreaking legislation is advancing in Congress that would curb the market power of tech giants Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple and force them to delink their dominant platforms from their other lines of business.

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Hostility toward big technologies has grown in recent years with the belief that their size and arrogance have stifled competition, limited consumer choice, and raised prices.

The bipartisan legislation targets the structure of companies and targets their breakdown, a dramatic step that Congress must take against a powerful industry whose products are intertwined in everyday life.

Its backers say it would help ensure lower prices and more choice for consumers and a fairer playing field for smaller companies to compete.

In two days of heavy, often unstable debate, the House Judiciary Committee approved the legislative package and sent it to the plenary of the United States House, where a vote will be the next step in what promises to be hard work in The Congress.

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