Twitter for Android Is Reportedly Working on Mixed Media Tweets; Multiple New Features

Twitter is available for Android and is believed to be developing a variety of brand new functions, such as support for uploading videos and images on the same Tweet. Some of the developed features are Awards, Statuses, and a pronouns pages. According to a recent report, Twitter is testing a brand new feature known as Twitter Circle, where users can select a smaller group of 150 people they would like to share tweets.

The microblogging site was also reported to be in the process of adding an editing feature for its users. Based on 9to5Google, the latest update for Twitter for Android has suggested a variety of new features that are in the hood. 9to5Google Contributor Dylan Roussel spotted some of the new features Twitter is currently working on, such as Statuses. This feature will be able to add status to tweets and will also show statuses on users’ profiles.

Twitter is also believed to be developing the development of an Awards feature. Roussel discovered a button that allows users to give an award to tweets. A tweet can also show the number of awards it’s received.

Discover and Join buttons were discovered separately, believed to target profiles or Twitter discovery. A page for pronouns is another feature Twitter is believed it is currently working on.

Microblogging also allows users to tweet a picture and video within the same tweet. Currently, tweets with media are limited to an image gallery with up to four pictures or one video. There’s no way to tweet videos and images together. Twitter has been reported to be switching the rules by allowing the users to blend media. That means they can combine up to four media pieces: videos or photos in tweets.

Twitter this week has also revealed it’s testing a brand new feature named Twitter Circle, which allows users to select an enclave of just 150 people who wish to share tweets. This new feature from Twitter seems to be similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which allows users to select the target viewers for their stories.

Further more, the social network platform is believed to be working on adding an edit function for its users. A set of images that show the various features of this feature was divulged by a tipter. In addition to showing the icons and the brand new interface for Twitter’s Web version of Twitter, the tipster revealed several unfinished features, such as editing history.

Edit History. In the future, both iOS and Android variants are anticipated to come with the same layout. Twitter hasn’t officially declared this feature yet.