Top 5 Best Alternative of Whatsapp (2019)

Are you a WhatsApp messenger user? For iOS users using the WhatsApp, a one-off fee of $0.99 is needed, while Android users use it year free of charge for the first year. After the first year of trial, Android consumers must pay $0.99 for the service annually.

We have 5 wonderful free messaging applications that you can try if you’re a part of the crowd who don’t like to pay for messaging applications.

We also looked at options for other mobile operating systems like Blackberry and Windows Phone, not just the messaging applications for iOS and Android users. This way, no matter the mobile OS, you can contact more of your colleagues.

Top 5 Best Alternative of Whatsapp

Alternative of Whatsapp

  1. Viber

Viber is very comparable to WhatsApp because of the use of mobile user contact numbers. A text message will send you an access code to your mobile number. You will then access your address book to check whether any of the contacts you have are connected to Viber. You can then connect to them immediately. Unlike WhatsApp, if your smartphone is not linked to the Internet, Viber enables you to call customers.

  1. LINE

LINE registers in its database your phone number and you can connect to LINE user contacts. LINE has the benefits provided that you register with an email account. LINE enables you to answer emails by installing your PC or MacOS software. You can also call other LINE contacts with an Internet connection via the app besides text messaging.

  1. GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsapp is an app very similar to the regular whatsapp. However, there are many features present in the GB Whatsapp, which are not present in the regular whatsapp. Many new features for enhanced productivity and efficiency of the businesses are provided by the GB Whatsapp. One key point to notice is that the GBWhatsapp app is not present on the Playstore. You have to look for the other sources to download this app.


  1. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger also sends a four-digit verification code when you register for an account using your mobile number. Then your contacts are used to discover in the same way as WhatsApp does, for other KakaoTalk clients. You can also open group chats, submit photos or audio notes, and share the data about calendars and contacts. It also calls to other users of Kakaotalk via a web link.

  1. Facebook Messenger

For some period now, the Facebook Messenger app for both iOS and Android is available and since you are linked to most of the guests, Facebook Messenger can be a good substitute for WhatsApp. The only disadvantage is that it can’t be used to interact with non-Facebook buddies.

Thus, we have seen the key alternatives to the WhatsApp app. I hope you liked this post, All these apps are free and you can have improved performance in one or more of these apps. Share this post as much as you can.