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Snapseed is pretty simple. It is also quite powerful. If you are an android user then there is a good chance you might have heard of this brilliant app. It was developed by Nik Software and currently acquired by Google. Snapseed is an editing powerhouse and has got some cool photo-editing filters. Consequently few people think it as Google’s answer to Instagram. However, Google affirms that Snapseed is and will remain an editing software. Currently there is no way to run Snapseed on pc, however, this article presents to you a trick by which Snapseed for pc, to be more precise Snapseed for Windows can be made a reality. so here you will get a complete guide on How To Get Snapseed for PC.

What Exactly is Snapseed?

Snapseed is a free app from Google which can be thought of like a mobile version of the ‘Photoshop’ in terms of features. However unlike Photoshop editing in Snapseed is easy and quite simple. It basically allows you to take pictures from your camera, edit them as per need and share them via social media. Hence people compare it with Instagram but Snapseed allows much more flexibility and has more artistic options. Snapseed has a lot of great features which when combined with the user’s creativity can lead to truly jaw-dropping pictures, such as the ones below.

Snapseed For PC

The fact that all these results were provided with a few clicks is what led the editing-fraternity to ask the question “Is Snapseed available for Windows” and more importantly bring it to the windows platform. so in this post, you get to know how to download Snapseed for PC Windows.

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What Are the Features of Snapseed For PC?


Snapseed offers a wide range of filters which can let you change the level of saturation. It has also got the high dynamic range(HDR) filters which allow a wider view like seen from our eyes. There are creative photo frames and amazing light effects along with a healing brush, vignette, and textures. There are a total of 13 different filters available in Snapseed ranging from Glamour glow to Noir. When you apply a filter to a photo it causes special effects which modifies your photo. The filters also have a set of settings which you can change. So download and install snapseed for pc to use these features. here you will learn how to use snapseed for windows and laptop.


Snapseed offers 12 tools which help in fine-tuning different aspects of your photos such as perspective, white balance, tone, contrast, saturation, brightness and also to increase sharpness in certain parts of the image. To use a particular tool we just click on it and there will be a slider bar which can be adjusted to the user’s need. After that, you can save the change by tapping on the checkmark. Also if you didn’t like how your edit turned out you can always undo your edit. There is also an option to view your edit history.

Snapseed has a very simple user interface which ensures you can use all of its available features without any fuss. Photos can be adjusted using autocorrect. You can also blur the background of images and create dramatic effects. Once your work is complete, the photo can be uploaded to the internet through Facebook or Instagram giving you the chance to show off your editing skills.

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How To Download Snapseed For PC

This is what we have have been building towards the whole article. After the acquisition of Snapseed by Google I believed they would bring the software to the windows platform. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but thankfully there is a simple way to get Snapseed up and running on your pc. Here is what you need to do to run Snapseed for PC.

Steps to Download Snapseed for Windows 7/8/10

  • Snapseed is an Android application and it cannot be directly run on a Windows based pc. So we use a software called ‘BlueStacks App Player’ which is an emulator which helps to run the Android applications in our pc. It’s similar to using an emulator to play console games on pc. So the first step is to download the Bluestack app which you can get from here : Download Bluestacks.
  • After downloading Bluestacks you have to launch the play store app in it
  • In Play Store search for Snapseed and then download it just like in your mobile phone.
  • Snapseed requires a lot of space for installation and for smooth running. So it is good to reserve around 1GB of space for it.
  • After installation load your pictures into Snapseed and you can start customizing.

This is all it takes to get Snapseed on Windows. The above procedure works with Windows 7/8/XP/10 and will not work with Apple based pc’s. Also, you should have a decent internet connection.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age when there are tons of editing software available like Photoshop and Corel PaintShop, what Snapseed brings to the table is quite different. Therefore it was quite perplexing why Snapseed was not the PC. Being a person who found Photoshop complex and rigorous I am finding Snapseed elegant and easy. It has rejuvenated my interest in photography. The lucid interface and wide variety of filters and tools it offers makes Snapseed a complete solution to our editing needs. Lastly, a big thanks should be said to the team at Bluestacks for they are the reason why Snapseed for PC became a reality. So we hope you like a guide on how to download Snapseed for Windows PC.

Download Snapseed For PC Windows
  • Download Snapseed For PC Windows


Currently there is no way to run Snapseed on pc, however this article presents to you a trick by which Snapseed for pc, to be more precise Snapseed for Windows can be made a reality. so here you will get complete guide on How To Get Snapseed for PC.

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