Secret Egg Location in Roblox Vehicle Champions

Secret Egg Location in Roblox Vehicle Champions: Every one of your favourite games has events for Easter, and they’re all going to be there. People have been going all out to get the best eggs and prizes.

Roblox Vehicle Champions have put out a secret hidden egg somewhere on the map in the last few weeks. We’ll show you how to find this egg if you join us.

Where is the Secret Egg in Vehicle Champions?

Vehicle Champions is a game that has more than 36,000 people play every day. Game: There are three islands and 45 different types of cars in the game. Most of the game’s cash comes from “Clicks.” 

You don’t have to do anything to get the in-game money you need to unlock islands. In this event, you must get at least 850k clicks to get to the Toxic Land Island. Find the Vehicle Champions Secret Egg in this place.

It’s very easy to find the egg when you get there. You need a little direction. Getting to the Vehicle Champions Secret Egg will be a piece of cake. To find the Secret Egg, follow these steps: 1. Find the Secret Egg:

  • From the spawning area, head to the Land portal. Land portal
  • Then, head toward the left
  • You can walk beyond and past the egg box and proceed to the edge of the cliff.
  • Make sure you jump over a branch
  • Take a walk through the edge of the water of the cliff.
  • Try to walk on the sides of the land
  • You’ll be in the water right now.
  • The Secret Egg will be right in front of you.

Go to the Vehicle Champions Secret Egg to get the cool things in the chest. That’s it.

You have now won the Roblox Vehicle Champions Secret Egg scavenger hunt. You can now help your friends do the same thing and help them find the eggs.