Latest Car Development: New Toyota bZ3 EV – The Corolla Of The Future?

Toyota announced its bZ3 a while back, aka its gateway to the future. It plans on bringing out an all-electric range in just a couple of years. This is despite its disdain for electric vehicles as the solution to the fossil fuel issues we have today and a preference for hybrids. Still, the world’s largest automaker is bringing out these EVs, and the bZ3 is up next. 

So, what exactly do we know about this car? Well, it is a sedan that can seat up to 5 people. We know about its dimensions and a bit about its important technical specifications. The numbers look good, and we can expect this vehicle to be a banger. That being said, let’s take a closer look at what we know about this car so far. 

Toyota bZ

We’ll first look at what plans Toyota has for the future. The company revealed more than a dozen models last year for themselves and their luxury brand Lexus. They said that they would keep launching these vehicles, all to be sold to consumers in the next 3 years. The new range has a vehicle for every single class of cars, all electrified and futuristic, of course.

This year, we saw the bZ4X crossover make its way to the markets. This is a high-end car that is supposed to be rivaling some of the modern greats such as the Tesla Model Y, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Audi E-Tron. The car has been praised, but some have criticized its price as being un-Toyota-like

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What do we know about the Toyota bZ3?

The bZ3 Toyota was announced this week, and it is a compact sedan. Toyota is developing this car with fellow automotive manufacturers FAW and BYD. This car is set to be released in 2023, and that’s when the company is going to start taking orders for it.

It is stylish

From a “looks” standpoint, this car is going to be quite sharp, with its exterior sporting sleek lines and DRLs that cover the front and the back. Clearly, Toyota had kept aestheticism and aerodynamics as the key factors when it came to this design. If we look at the back, the car has a sort of liftback design, similar to the Toyota Prius that we have today. 

Such a car does justice to the modernistic goals that Toyota has set for itself. The automakers of today have a clear set viewpoint of what the average car of the future looks like, and this is what the Toyota sedans of the future shall be looking like as well. The idea behind the design is quite similar to what they’ve done with the bZ4X crossover. 

While the outside looks like a car from the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, the inside will remind you more of a minimalistic spaceship, especially the steering wheel. The overall design borrows many cues from the Tesla Model 3, a future rival of this car. It is all very urban; there’s a huge touchscreen in the middle of the seemingly endless and empty dashboard. 

It is efficient

It wouldn’t make sense for anyone to upgrade to the Toyota bZ3 if it didn’t have a good range. However, you’ll be glad to know that it does sport an amazing powertrain. They’ll be offering you a choice of two battery packs – with 50-kWh and 65-kWh capacities. You can expect them to give out 321 and 382 miles, respectively. 

One of the salient features that have been revealed is the sheer reliability and durability of the battery you pick. The company says that it should 

It is inexpensive

This is one of the best things that Toyota has done with the Toyota bZ3. One of the main reasons why people don’t purchase the mighty Tesla Model 3 is its high price tag. Toyota has kept this car in the reach of more people, though, with an expected price tag of less than $30k. Combine this with the stellar build quality and features that you’ll be getting, and it is a bargain. 


It can hence be said that the Toyota bZ3 is an eye-catching sedan of the future with a great range and a reasonable price tag. We’ll know more about the features that it offers in the near future. What’s certain is that it will be a success, and we’re aware that Toyota, as always, knows what it is doing.