Kabam will shut down Marvel Realm of Champions.

Kabam will shut down Marvel Realm: Kabam has announced it has a mobile MOBA Marvel Realm of Champions is now deleted from both its App Store and Google Play.

The players can no longer purchase in-app purchases and, on April 31, 2022, the game will go off the market.

Marvel Realm of Champions posted on Twitter, “We’ve appreciated the time that you have spent with us and are very sad to see our adventure come to an end.”

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The goal was to let players create their persona, be part of a group and participate in a highly competitive PVP with high-speed action.

Although the reason behind the game’s closure hasn’t been revealed, Kabam stated on the website of the game: “Despite making multiple adjustments and changes along the way, we have not been able to meet the vision that we had initially set.” PocketGamer, biz spoke to Kabam regarding the reason for the game’s shut down.

Gearing up

To celebrate the game before the game ends, additional weapons will  distribute. 

New weapons are offer, and the storyline of the game will  wrap up.

Kabam said that its sister Marvel series, Contest of Champions, continues to playe and invites players to look at it. 

Realm players can even participate in Contest by completing an ‘adjustment program depending on their performance.

Kabam said, “This game was a work of passion for us. We’re not just game designers; We’re Marvel admirers. 

When we created an experience that would present a novel epic Marvel story and build our very own Marvel Champion, we were more than happy.

 From the heart of our being, we would like to thank every one of you who joined us on this adventure.”

Kabam recently announced that Seungwon Lee would be taking the CEO role for the company. 

He will be coming to the role from Kabam parent company Netmarble.