Incorporating a Propane Fire Pit into Your Backyard Design

fire on brown fire pit

If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard a more desirable place to hang out, relax, and entertain guests, look no further than adding a fire pit. More specifically, we recommend integrating a propane fire pit into your existing backyard design.

Why Propane Fire Pits?

A propane fire pit is basically an outdoor appliance that uses propane gas as its fuel source. The propane is usually stored in a tank that rests tucked away beneath or beside the pit. This tank is connected to a burner via a gas line. Once a knob is turned, the propane is ignited, and a clean flame burns.

“When you compare a propane fire pit to a wood-burning fire pit, the differences are pretty stark,” eFireplaceStore explains. “One burns gas; the other burns wood, right? Beyond this obvious information, there’s a lot of work that goes on before the wood is ever burned. This includes the chopping, seasoning, and transporting, which all happen before you ever have a chance to burn a fire in your wood-burning fire pit. Unfortunately, you can’t turn a knob or press a button to start a wood fire either.”

There are a few big benefits to owning a propane fire pit. First off, it’s convenient. You can just press a button or turn a knob, and there’s a fire. Secondly, it doesn’t produce the smoke that a wood-burning fire does. This means you can sit around a fire in your backyard and not go to bed smelling like you just spent three hours playing checkers inside a chimney.

Tips for Integrating a Propane Fire Pit

You can always just buy a random propane fire pit and plop it down in the yard, but we recommend giving it a little more thought. Here are some ideas and tips for integrating the fire pit into your backyard:

1. Modern Outdoor Design

A modern design is characterized by having very sleek lines, monochromatic color schemes, and a blend of functionality and visual appeal. There are fire pits that come in simple, geometric designs, as well as ones that are made from stainless steel or even concrete. Try pairing these with some modern outdoor furniture, such as rattan or metal chairs. Glass tables and LED lighting is also a must for this look.

2. Rustic Outdoor Design

Some people are more into natural, rustic style – and that’s totally fine! There are options for this look as well. This includes wooden furniture, greenery, stone paths, and a fire pit that’s finished in a stone or faux-wood appearance. This can be complemented with woven outdoor rugs, lantern-style lights, and other nature-inspired decor.

3. Beach-Inspired Outdoor Design

If you’re aiming for a beach-themed outdoor space, you’ll want your propane fire pit to evoke the colors and textures of the coast. A fire pit with a sand-colored finish or one that incorporates elements like sea glass or seashells can work well. Outdoor furniture in light colors or natural materials like wicker or bamboo can complement the fire pit. Accent the area with beach-inspired accessories such as maritime lanterns, striped fabrics, and accessories in shades of blue and white.

4. Traditional Outdoor Design

For a traditional or classical outdoor design, consider a propane fire pit with a more ornate or detailed design. Fire pits with decorative metalwork, classic shapes, or elegant finishes like brushed copper or bronze can blend well with traditional outdoor furniture. Opt for classic furniture styles and materials, such as teak or wrought-iron tables and chairs. Complete the scene with decorative lighting, richly colored fabrics, and accessories that reflect a timeless aesthetic.

Elevate Your Backyard Design

Your backyard should be a place where you spend time and enjoy together as a family. It’s the perfect escape from the indoors – a place you can go to relax and unwind in the privacy and serenity of your own little oasis. But if there’s nothing in your backyard drawing you to it, it becomes something you and your kids neglect.

A propane fire pit isn’t the only answer, but it’s certainly one of them! By integrating one into your backyard using some of the tips highlighted above, you can make it a place where you all enjoy spending time together. Good luck!