How To Heal Millicent In Elden Ring?

Heal Millicent In Elden Ring: She is a young woman who the Scarlet Rot has infected. Numerous players, including you, will be sent by Gowry to aid in her recovery by healing her. The process to do this takes a long time. I’ll show you how to heal Millicent in the game Elden Ring during this guide.

Elden Ring: How to Heal Millicent

It’s in the southeast part of Aeonia Swamp, where you will find Gowry’s Shack. To get there, you can take the path from the Smoldering Church until you get there. 

You can also walk there and talk to Gowry when you get inside the Shack and finish all of his dialogues. You can get the secrets of Sellia’s if you help Millicent, who is in the Church of Plague, northeast of the Shack.

 He will give you the secrets in exchange for that. Getting the Unalloyed Gold Needle will be what Gowry wants you to do next. It is in the Aeonia Swamp, and he will tell you where it is. Afterwards, you will get the Unalloyed Gold Needle as a reward. His home is in the Aeonia Swamp, outside of Sellia’s reach.

Go back to Gowry after you beat him. Get the Unalloyed Gold Needle and head there. Give him the needle, and he will fix it. Turn around and Warp to another site and then come back. 

Gowry will be able to fix the Unalloyed Gold Needle, and you will be able to take it with you. With the Unalloyed Gold Needle, you’ll also get Sellia’s Secrets to learn more about her. 

We’re going to go to the Church of Plague now. Millicent will be there, and we’ll talk. Talk to her and give her the Unalloyed Gold Needle, and then you can get to work. After you finish her conversations, reload the area. Once again, talk to her. 

She is going to give you the Heirloom of the Prosthesis-Wearing People. At this point, Millicent is healthy and back to her old self.

Now, go back to Gowry’s Shack. You’ll see Millicent there again, too. Then, finished her conversations and reloaded the area. Then, after you talk to Gowry, he will be able to teach you some Sorcery Spells. The way you can heal Millicent in Elden Ring is to do this: