How to Get Echo Shards in Minecraft

Get Echo Shards in Minecraft: If you want to make a Recovery Compass, you’ll need Echo Shards. Although it is a “common” rarity, obtaining it might be tough. Here’s where you can locate Echo Shards in Minecraft to save time.

Where To Find Echo Shards In Minecraft

  • To locate Echo Shards, players must go to an Ancient City, a structure in the Overworld’s Deep Dark biome. You’ll discover treasure boxes that you’ll need to open to get Echo Shards (and this is the only location you’ll find them).
  • Here’s some information on the Deep Dark if you haven’t previously visited there. It’s a dimly lighted cave biome that appears in the underground area and is currently the only biome where Ancient Cities may be found. So, if you stumble across Sculk blocks, Sculk veins, Shriekers, Catalysts, and Sensors while exploring, you’re in the Deep Dark.
  • Even though there are no monsters in this environment, you should be cautious not to activate a Sculk Shrieker. If this occurs again, the Warden will emerge and apply the Darkness effect on you.
  • Apart from Sculk Catalysts and Lava, this region won’t have much natural light.
  • So, as soon as you arrive in this biome, examine many chests for a large number of Echo Shards.

What’s the Best Way to Use Echo Shards?

For the time being, Echo Shards are exclusively utilized as a crafting resource for the Recovery Compass. 

It’s useful since it displays where you died last, allowing you to go back and recover your fallen stuff. 

However, there is a potential that the Echo Shards may have additional applications in the future. We’ll let you know as soon as it occurs.