How to Download Signal App – PC, Windows & Mac [Best Features]

The signal is a Private instant messaging application that makes your chatting experience much faster with real-time response and also cares about your data and secures with total privacy factors. As its name signifies signal it gives a signal each time when you send messages to a friend. The Signal app is a straightforward app design with its easy to use user-friendly interface. So start a conversation with friends or transfer any kind of content with much more security policy than other programs, like WhatsApp. Or you can say it’s the Best alternate option of WhatsApp and Telegram as of now.

If you are a little bit techy you know about recently WhatsApp enrolls some new policy update which is activated from 8 FEB 2021 where they ask permission to see our all data and tech analytics says that what’s the need of that it’s our privet data so why we give that type of permission to anyone even if he is the owner of the app. Our data can be misused in the future if we allow those rules. Different people have different thoughts and choice of using any app. Am not convincing you and sponsorship of product to use Signal or WhatsApp I just aware you of the recent news about these instant messaging app.

Signal application TOP 10 Best Features:

So before downloading the signal app take a look at its top 10 best features which are necessary for any instant messaging app to make the user experience more secure and enjoyable. The signal comes with an end-to-end encryption format which is powered by the open-source Signal Protocolâ„¢ that helps to keeps your conversations more secure. Privacy isn’t an optional mode in the signal it’s just the way better than Signal works. Covers Every message, every call, and history every time.

  1. Instantly send messages without interruption, also send audio and photos to anyone around you over wifi direct
  2. Send private messages one-on-one or to the entire group.
  3. Works without any form of internet even in 2G, 3G or local network all it needs just another signal user account.
  4. Share files such as images & video as its original size but no resizing or rescaling is applied
  5. Old chats are stored in a database also in your phone cache memory and are accessible anytime.
  6. With a fully customizable design, you can set signals in different colors.
  7. The signal also works as walkie talkie that works also without the internet.
  8. Communication via signal is far secure than others.
  9. Messages are delivered quickly even on slow networks.
  10. The signal now works as a nonprofit organization. Development is supported by users like you. No advertisement fees or any charge required to access features.

How to Download Signal App

One of the main reasons to switch in the signal is it provides secure communication across different platforms. Before releasing the Signal private messenger desktop version for Windows, macOS, and Linux, the Signal app was only available for mobile users and for Chrome, which was the only way to access it at that time. Aside from encrypting messages end to end, the Signal app also has an auto-delete function mode that protects messages from spying eyes.

So To install the Signal app on the desktop, you need to install it first on mobile. And creating a signal account can only be possible using the mobile app, and use that account to scan a QR code first before linking it to your Signal Desktop app. The process seems a bit complicated but it’s very easy, so this article will help you throughout how to install the secure messaging app properly.

How to Download Signal in PC, Windows & Mac

The installation process of the signal app is the same for all platforms Whether it’s Windows or Mac OS or even you can use it the same on Linux. So just follow the guide.

Before start the process first you need to download the mobile application of signal from the play store. After installing the app just enter your phone number then a confirmation code will send by signal to verify your account. Then you can complete your profile with your Name and avatars. Then the signal will ask some permission like to access your Contacts but it’s not mandatory so if you worried about your data you simply avoided it. You can manually add your favorite contacts later to whom you want to chat on your profile.

Install signal app

  • Now the main work starts just to download the signal applications for windows version and Mac. It’s easily available for windows. But if still, you didn’t get on apple store then download it from the official site of signal here is the Signal download link for Mac.
  • After downloading just install the app carefully then launch it on windows or MacBook.
  • The app easily installs on the Windows ecosystem but in Mac OS its asks for some permission because we download it from an outer source so just allow the permissions.
  • Next, window popups and asking you to link your phone number to your Signal Desktop program. So take near the mobile to complete the steps. Now You’ll see a QR code, which you’ll have to scan through mobile.
  • To completing the linking process just visit the mobile Signal app’s settings section and click on Linked Devices. Just Allow camera access so it can scan the QR code.
  • At last finish the process by entering your profile name for your account.
  • That’s it enjoy the chatting on Signal Desktop app with any Signal user.

The instant messaging with the signal is limited with only another signal user. You can’t send SMS, iMessage, or different format to other app users. So join your friend’s group, family members, or colleagues and start secure communication with the signal app. It’s able to send and receive messages, images, videos anywhere from the world.

Hows the Signal Application Works on Mobile and Desktop

The signal app is totally working on Wi-Fi peer-to-peer technology. We are also known as Wi-Fi Direct. This signal feature enables us to run efficiently on android devices and iOS. And work smoothly above Android 4.0 Jailybreake Version. It connects instantly to each other via WiFi connection without any intermediate access point. Once the devices are found near to their range signal app automatically establishes the connections between the devices.

When you start the Signal app it sends a signal to discover nearby devices. Users can also send additional signals if they want by just swiping from the available list. Once any devices are found nearby your location they will appear in the available user list. If it shows Grey color this indicates there is no connection while colored shows blocked means is connected to a device.

In newer version you get some advanced signal app feature like WhatsApp

  1. User privacy-related features in the new version are added.
  2. Blocking or Unblocking someone is possible now
  3. Invisible mode enabled
  4. Animation function in chatbox is improved more
  5. Now Supports on smaller devices also


The co-founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton After leaving the company he invested 50 million dollars in Signal Messaging App in 2017 was they focused more on secure chatting features. The best part about the signal is they only require your mobile number to make an account and never share data with any third party companies.

The only disadvantages which I noticed in the signal app as compare to other chatting apps like WhatsApp and telegram are as of now there is no any cloud backup options and also the changing phone number to another number is doesn’t support plus you cant add stories snippet as WhatsApp. But as the demand for the signal app is growing from January 2021 to, May the signal developing team works on it and adding these useful features in new updates.


Question: Is the signal app is secure than WhatsApp?

Answer: Signal offers to encrypt also the past communication data at the app level, This type of security completely lacks in WhatsApp. Obviously, this technique gives more advanced safety, this can protect your messages from online theft however if you connect the signal with a more secure password then the combination of these two will never create a security problem for you.

Question: Is the signal app is like WhatsApp?

Answer: The signal app work as completely open-source software, its free to use, more secure, and private instant messaging platform, just like WhatsApp apart from it’s an open, secure, and private chat app. Same as WhatsApp Signal also supports sharing text, images, videos, in a group or personal chat also supports voice and video calls, and sharing any documents file.

Question: Does Signal sell your data?

Answer: The signal never does business with your private data not even sell, rent it, or monetize your personal data by advertisement or content in any way never ever.

Question: Is the Signal app really private?

Answer: The signal is designed very carefully as a concern about user privacy so it never collects or stores any sensitive information. Signal messages and calls cannot be accessed by us or other third-party companies because they are always end-to-end encrypted, private, and secure.