How To Block Websites On Android Chrome | 3 Best Methods

Chrome is the very largest web browser and most commonly used by internet markets and bloggers around the world. There are several reasons has to why users want to block some particulars website. Sometimes it’s easy to control internet browsing and but some users especially kids don’t know how to control the internet browsing and all. Hence for those kinds of people here is an article which tells about how to block some unwanted websites which are harmful and useful for kids.

Huge growth has been happening in the online world where numbers of users are getting increased day by day and also a rapidly increasing number of online services, e-commerce sites, apps and access to the web has completely added the whole new dimension to the digital world I mean to this computer industry. Generally, this younger generation loves to access a limitless amount of data. The possibilities that the internet providers are infinite.

Working Methods To Block Websites On Your Android Chrome

On your web, if you want to take charge of the websites that you access then got to know some methods by which you can block unwanted sites which are causing damage to your system. It is not that hard to configure and to stop some websites.

How To Block Any Website On Windows Operating System

If you want to block some website on your web browser, for that you need to set up a blocker in your system. Hence here we are going to share the very simple steps so that where you have to configure and block the websites you want.

Websites On Your Computer

A major part of the internet is DNS system without that the internet is nothing ( into equivalent IP address is (, therefore, you use DNS servers to get the web-portal address. Host File has some information stored locally on every computer consist of a file name called host. That can also be used and turn-off the access to unnecessary websites. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, this method is very much applicable.

The First Method To Block Websites On Android Chrome

1) Log in to your computer using an administrator choose run as administrator and go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

2) Now you double-click on the name of the file called “hosts” and go window start button and choose the notepad from the list of the available programs. End lies of the host file should be #127.0.01 localhost and #:1 localhost. Now the Pop-up happens, choose the account again and check full control. Click now Apply > Yes. Just click Ok in all pop-ups that appear on your screen.

3) On every file, you can add the addresses of Website URL and block that particular URL. To get this you simply need to add a line at the end of the file with this ( and write the URL of the site that you want to block – it will be getting redirected to home page of your local computer.

4) For Example, if you want to block “” without quote marks add this urn on your local computer i.e. web browser like this you can block as many sites as you want

Note: You can only add one website at a time

The Second Method To Block Website On Android Chrome

It is very easy to block websites on chrome by using chrome extensions thus these chrome extensions are very much free to install and use, moreover there are millions of extension that are available on the web. Websites blockers are used to block websites temporarily or forever

1) Chrome Extension (Block Site )

Open your Google Chrome web browser and just go to chrome extension to block unnecessary websites. Thus this blocked site chrome extension allows you to block any websites and this extension also works in incognito mode too.

2) Chrome Extension (Tiny Filter PRO)

Here is an extension called Tiny Filter PRO used to stop websites which are unwanted to use by the users. If want to get Tiny Filter PRO then you got to install by downloading the extension from chrome, these Tiny Filter helps to block the pornographic content, malware, and spyware from the online world. This application has one amazing feature that it automatically blocks the unwanted content and malware attacks.

It is and very highly personalizes and customizable like it just enables all unwanted spam stuff.

3) Chrome Extension (Stay Focused)

Stay Focused is a stable productivity extension which is build to block websites which are not good for your computer or system. If unwanted stuff is blocked then the user can focus the stuff that he or she wants to complete. This extension is a time-saving the application for the computer professionals. Hence you can stop and block as many as websites without any limit.

It keeps you away from the temptation to access social media websites and other interment websites so that you can just focus on the most important work.

4) Chrome Extension (Blocks Web Filter)

This chrome extension is a great web filtering application basically used for YouTube filtering and blocking websites with very bad adult content. It provides good security by blocking malware, pornography and also adult content so that all the users who are using this Blocks Web Filter can be saves from virus and run system smoothly without any disturbance.

Third Method to Block Website On Android Chrome

It is a very easy method to block any website on chrome, for this you don’t need any kind of coding, extensions or software. Therefore it is not protected by password to reverse it, now follow the below steps to know the process and apply the way it.

  1. Open the Google Chrome and go to settings menu and scroll down to advanced settings
  2. Open Proxy Settings is available under system settings
  3. Now you got to open the security tab and select restricted sites and just click on sites
  4. One Dialog box appears on the screen so now open that and type the website URL that you want to block and click on Add.
  5. Now it’s done


So friends here are some ways with which you can block unwanted websites and save your time.