How IT Support Can Nurture Business Growth

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IT Support, what is it, and how can it help your company grow?

Whether you are in charge of a large multinational company operating across multiple time zones and employing thousands of members of staff, or you’re a one-person enterprise crafting handmade items and doing everything yourself, you will be using some kind of IT to run your business.

The IT support services that would benefit you, your staff, and your customers by making your business more efficient will depend on the work you do, the size of your business, and your current IT infrastructure.

We all exist in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace that can sometimes feel impossible to keep up with. Cyber security, reliable workflows, secure communication systems, data management, the list to contend with is endless, and the ramifications of getting it wrong or, indeed, doing nothing at all could be catastrophic to your business.

It might be the case that your organization already has in-house IT support in the form of staff members dedicated to monitoring IT needs or possibly a whole department looking after your systems and digital workflows. Even if this is the case, there are additional benefits that an external MSP (managed service provider) could offer to support the work your IT team already does or potentially help with a larger upgrade, data migration, or hardware installation project.

In this article, we’ll explore the provision of IT support services, the potential benefits of employing an external IT support company, and, most importantly, how it could help your business grow.

IT support services, what are they and who offers them?

IT support services are typically offered by either in-house teams or by an external organization, often referred to as an MSP or managed service provider. Some companies benefit from a blend of both, with an IT company brought in to support the existing IT staff, usually on a specialist project or larger undertaking that requires particular skills or know-how.

A company providing IT support is staffed by IT experts, often with years of experience in dealing with companies across all sectors and of all sizes. They will be able to diagnose remotely and assist over the phone, via email, or video call and will also be available for on-site visits to run system checks or for more in-depth fixes and issues.

An IT support company will usually offer a range of packages and services to suit all types of companies and needs. They can assist with everything from daily troubleshooting, cyber security, and data backups/retrieval to a full infrastructure overhaul.

Many IT support companies provide support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure they meet the needs of their clients who operate irregular hours, have varying shift patterns, or work across different time zones.

Understanding a company’s future plans and short to long-term goals will be essential for any external IT support provider coming in to assist with any aspect of IT help. Knowing where the company is heading, staffing plans, and targets will mean they are better able to advise on packages, software, systems, and changes to the current setup, which will mean future growth is nurtured and, most importantly, achievable.

How could IT support services nurture business growth?

There are many ways in which using an IT support company can benefit your organization and encourage authentic and sustainable business growth across all aspects of your organization. 

These services can include:

Assessment and Analysis: A full appraisal and inventory of your current systems and IT infrastructure will show you where you stand and identify potential future issues or barriers to expansion.

Tried and Tested Advice: IT support providers will have a roster of clients across all sectors of business and will be staffed by experienced professionals who will be up to speed on all new technological developments. They will be able to help you understand changes that have benefited other organizations and show you examples of how even small changes can have a dramatic impact on growth.

Peace of Mind: Having your systems regularly and safety backed up and remotely monitored will give you the sense of security that comes from knowing everything is protected and running smoothly. This leaves you free to focus on other areas of your company including future planning and supporting your staff and customers.

Proactive Problem Solving: With ongoing maintenance and checks your IT support provider will be able to spot potential issues before they escalate and solve them before they cause you a bigger, more costly headache. 

Saving Time and Saving Money: By employing an external IT support company, you could potentially make huge savings on the cost of employing in-house IT staff yet still reap the benefits of what is essentially a fully staffed on-call IT department. Rapid responses to queries from a dedicated account manager will also save you time and get issues resolved quickly. This means any downtime is minimized, and you can focus on company growth rather than daily IT problem-solving.

Other potential benefits include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Business continuity
  • Streamlined and efficient systems
  • Better team and customer communications
  • Reliable data management

All of this adds up to a reduction in your daily workload, with any and all IT issues taken care of promptly by experts. Giving you time and space to plan for the future of your organization.

Final Thoughts

The points outlined above are a few of the many ways in which an IT support company could benefit your business. Their services can relieve a lot of the pressure and struggles with inefficient and outdated systems that could be holding you and your team back, negatively impacting the growth of your business.

Collaborating with an MSP could bring a new way of thinking and working, highlighting areas for change and removing barriers to growth and development.

Employing an IT support company could be a positive next step for your enterprise. Firstly, you’ll need to do some research to find some recommended IT companies near you. Try a keyword search using your preferred search engine, tailored to your location, e.g., IT support Plymouth or IT support South West. This will identify any IT support companies that are local to you. Talk to them about your goals and find out how they can help nurture the growth of your business.