How do you join a friend’s Server on Project Zomboid?

Join a friend’s Server on Project Zomboid: If there were the zombie apocalypse, all major cities and towns would likely be cut off. 

You’re probably likely to remain where you are for a lengthy time, which is why I hope that you have close friends who are within walking distance.

Good friends, especially those you trust to stay an eye on you in the room, could make the whole procedure a bit more bearable.

Here’s how you can join a friend’s servers in Project Zomboid. In March, The Indie Stone released Build 41 of Project Zomboid, which, among other things, finally introduced online multiplayer into the gameplay. 

When Build 41 was still in beta, multiplayer was the most popular feature, and now that it’s available in the official version, all players are banding together to battle the undead hoards together.

However, before you can join in, there are a few things you and your companion should set up to make sure the server can survive.

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How do I join a Friend’s Server on Project Zomboid?

To join your server of a friend in Zomboid.

  1. The server host must provide you with an invitation to join the whitelist.
  2. Open the server browser via the main menu and then use the filters bar to locate your friend’s server using my name.
  3. Log in with the username and password to join.

In the beginning, your server’s friend, or the host, has to begin the server. 

Then, in the menu at the top, they have to click on the host button to start setting up a server, and this includes choosing its name and determining the RAM it will be allocate to.

Remember that hosting a server will be slightly more demanding on your system than playing games on one.

If you’re not sure about the possibility of randos joining (and If you’ve seen enough zombie films that you don’t, then definitely don’t), your friend needs to create an encryption password for the server via the Details menu.

The player can also alter some other settings, including the extent to which Workshop mods are on, the number of players allow to join, if PvP is turn on, and whether the text chat feature is activate. After all, this is done, it is now possible to launch the server.

Once the server is set up operating, it will send you an invitation. The server’s owner manages private servers, preventing random users from gaining access even though they have the password.

 If the server host offers you an invitation via a Steam overlay, Steam overlays, then you’ll get add to their whitelist.

When you invite, you can boot into the game and access the server list on the menu bar. 

Click the Internet tab, and you’ll see an overview of all servers currently in operation. In the lower part of the screen is a filtering bar, in which you can type in the name of the server you’re friends with to locate it.

Once you’ve identified the correct server, you can enter your username and username, and password for the server on the right side, then click Join to sign in.

 Voila, you’re in! You can now enjoy the zombie apocalypse with your friends! If you happen to be bitten and you are bitten, don’t wait until everyone has been cramme in a tiny room to get it out.