How Do I QuarterBack Slide in Madden 21?

It’s pretty easy to execute a Slide within Madden NFL 21 and 22. However, you can perform this move like a specific player in the field.

 You can execute this move even if you are a Wide Receiver or in any other position than QuarterBack.

 But, it’s generally performed by the quarterback of a team to get more space on the field and stop a game.

 Therefore, scroll down to discover how you can perform a slide in the game with your QB.

How do you QB Slide? How do you QB Slide Madden 21?

To perform a slide in NFL, it is necessary to meet the following conditions in the playing field.

  • Be sure to control the quarterback of the team.
  • Then, you must determine if the player is beyond the line of the scrimmage. The QB can be moved by using the left control stick.
  • When the play gets underway, be sure to sprint along with the quarterback.
  • When you’re running, you can hit the square/x button on the PS/Xbox to make a slide Madden 21.
  • The QB can then slide and keep possession instead of throwing the ball away while diving.
  • The goal is to gain yards and get closer to the goal line.

To slide alongside other players, you’ll need to follow these things:

  • If your wide receivers running backs, or tight ends are running, make sure you press both the R and L triggers. Then press the Square/X buttons on the PS/Xbox or Xbox.
  • Then they will slide, but without losing their ball back to defense.

How do you slide into NFL 22?

Fortunately, the steps to sliding in the most current versions of this game are identical to the previous versions. It gives a touch of familiarity to the players.