Guide About Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation:  Brawlhalla is the top well-known combat game, which everyone loves.

 The only thing you need to do is to put up the best fight for your opponent and then knock them down to take the title! Chests are available in-game for purchase. 

Mysterious boxes that reward you with new skins.

If you’re not sure of the chests and regarding the rotation of the chests system in Brawlhalla, take a look because we’ve got all the answers! This is a comprehensive guide to help you learn about the rotation and exclusive skins for the game.

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Chest Rotations in Brawlhalla explained.

Chests within Brawlhalla are items you can purchase at the store in the games Mallhalla. 

The chests are fascinating boxes packed with unique skins. Each chest comes with an average of 18 skins. 

These skins consist of fifteen regular and three unique skins (Except Odin’s chest because it contains two exclusive skins and 14 regular ones).

The chest rotates every two days and is unlockable by paying 100 mammoth coins. 

There are more than 20 chests available in Brawlhalla, and therefore ensure that you get all of the skins you require for a particular bin before spinning.

 The current rotation of chests in Brawlhalla begins with Odin’s chest and finishes with the Synthwave Chest. The cycle repeats!

Please take a look at the list of chests below and find any bins coming up within the game.

A-List Of All The Chests Found In Brawlhalla

Here is a listing of the chests available within Brawlhalla which are fixedly rotated:

  • Odin’s Chest
  • Wild Chest
  • Elemental Chest
  • Revenant Chest
  • Exalted Chest
  • Olympian Chest
  • Forgeborne Chest
  • Celestial Chest
  • Skysail Chest
  • Ragnarok Chest
  • Royal Order Chest
  • Outlaw Chest
  • Sunken Chest
  • Ancient Chest
  • Dragon’s Chest
  • Forbidden Chest
  • Sandstorm Chest
  • Imperial Chest
  • Cosmic Chest
  • Brawl City Chest
  • Synthwave Chest

This is the conclusion of the Brwalhalla chest rotation instruction.