GTA V is More Popular Than Assassin’s Creed

GTA V is More Popular: Take-Two Interactive has become the most recent company to announce its financial results from the previous quarter. 

Yet again, Grand Theft Auto V has sold a staggering amount of units. Indeed, GTA V has now sold so many copies that it has more copies sold than the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise altogether.

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The popularity of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V has been sold to around 160 million units. This number is only expected to increase following the release of GTA V on PS5 on March 15. 

It is still the fastest “entertainment release” to ever achieve the $1 billion mark in retail sales and remains the top seller of this past decade in the US for both the number of units sold and dollars sold.

Jason Schreier has provided the most recent numbers for a few of the other top-selling franchises to place these figures into perspective. 

The entire Assassin’s Creed franchise was sold at the game 155 million copies. However, the figure was over a whole-year-old as of November 2021. 

It’s not surprising that the GTA series has sold more than 350 million units. In December 2021, GTA V’s Resident Evil franchise had sold more than 123 million copies.

 In reality, GTA V has sold almost as many copies as The Final Fantasy franchise combined, with the latter selling around 164 million units by September 2021.

 So, how do you rate GTA V’s Grand Theft Auto series faring compared to the other franchises?

This year is also an “excellent year” for GTA Online, which matched the previous record-setting number of viewers per month in 2020. 

This is likely due to constant updates, including the most recent update introducing new story content, dubbed The Contract. 

This game will also attract an audience that is not present if released as a stand-alone version on the 15th of March.

In addition, Haven Studios was asked to pitch three games Sony to be considered. 

Sony loved the game so much that they offered to finance each; however, Haven thought they were better off with just one game. 

In addition, The Wolf Among Us 2 will be getting an insider’s view at the end of this week.