Google’s Weather App for Android Tablets Receives New Formatting Options

With the newest Google app update, the Google Weather app is said to have landed for Android tablets. It was previously exclusively available on Android and iOS handsets.

Previously, Android tablet users could only use the Google Search app to get weather updates. Android phone users will now have access to the comprehensive experience offered in the Google Weather app.

Meanwhile, text formatting and font size adjustment are coming to Google’s note-taking software Keep. Users can bold, italicize, and underline text using the app.

According to 9to5Google, Google has quietly released its comprehensive Weather app for Android tablets, including a wealth of information. Previously, the Google Search app was the only way for Android tablet users to access weather information.

According to the article, the new Weather app feature on Android tablets also features Google’s weather Frog and a graph of the hourly temperature.

The Weather app is technically a Google app that must be updated to use the new capabilities. According to the source, the Google app now has a link to “hourly, humidity, wind, and more,” which displays the weather in full-screen mode.

When running the app for the first time on a tablet, Google Weather is supposed to prompt users to set the icon on the home screen. According to the source, the app appears differently on phones and tablets.

On tablets, the app occupies the full screen, unlike on phones. On tablets, it displays three tabs, via which users may swipe up on Today and Tomorrow to view additional information.

According to the source, this functionality is already available on tablets using the Google app version

Meanwhile, Google Keep is planning to add text formatting and the option to modify font size to make the note-taking tool more productive for users, as previously revealed.

Users can view “display formatting controls” and “clear formatting” choices in Google Keep for Android version, according to another report from 9to5Google.

Users will soon be able to bold, italicize, and underline text on the app, according to the firm. According to the article, each design in the Keep contains icons that the business has added to the app.

According to the report, the new improvements aren’t yet live on the current Google Keep for Android app. It is anticipated to be released through a server-side upgrade soon.