Google unveiled ChromeOS Flex operating system back in February

A wider rollout of ChromeOS Flex, Google’s free operating system for aging PC and Mac users, has been revealed. In February, a new version of ChromeOS was introduced and made beta-testable.

According to the corporation, the operating system was created for companies and educational institutions and is available for free download.

To save energy, Google advises customers to install ChromeOS Flex rather than buying a new PC or Mac. On average, the operating system uses 19 percent less energy.

In a blog post, Google announced that ChromeOS Flex would soon be publicly accessible for PCs and Macs.

According to the business, the latest ChromeOS version delivers proactive security with sandboxing and defense against malware, ransomware, and staff mistakes.

Google debuted ChromeOS Flex in February of this year after making it initially accessible for early access. It is a free operating system to download.

Background updates minimize downtime on ChromeOS Flex, preventing sluggishness over time. According to Google, the operating system was created for institutions of higher learning.

According to the firm, ChromeOS Flex uses 19% less energy than ChromeOS; therefore, Google urges customers to switch to ChromeOS Flex instead of buying a new computer.

According to Thomas Riedl, Director of Product, Enterprise, and Education at Google, “40 million tons of e-waste are produced each year globally, equivalent to 800 computers being discarded every second.

An effective strategy to save waste and stop this expanding issue is to upgrade devices to ChromeOS Flex rather than completely replace them.

Google has updated its list of approved devices that support ChromeOS Flex. 295 models can now run the operating system thanks to the certification.

The corporation has also provided brand-specific lists of the approved vehicles. These include the Latitude 3160 from Dell, the Macbook Pro 2013 15-inch model, and the Macbook Air 2012 11-inch model from Apple.

It should be highlighted that two certified Macbook Air units did not have a working webcam. However, consumers may test the new ChromeOS Flex on any model.

The firm website presently offers a free download of ChromeOS Flex. Organizations can distribute ChromeOS Flex across their institution or business through a USB stick or over their corporate network.

According to the company, users may also boot and operate it from the USB device to test the new operating system before installing it permanently.