Google Teases the Pixel Tablet, which will be released in 2023

After Google I/O 2022, it transitioned from a developer conference to a Pixel hardware showcase. At the event, Google introduced the much-anticipated Pixel 6a and ANC-supporting Pixel Buds Pro, the Pixel 7 series, and the Pixel Watch. However, that’s not all. It went above and above by demonstrating the Pixel tablet, which will be available in 2023. Here are the specifics.

Google is working on an Android tablet

Google is preparing to release a Pixel-branded tablet to increase customer demand for Android tablets and upgrades to Android for significant screen devices. Yes, the Google Tensor processor and extra Android tablet capabilities will be available in 2023 with the Pixel tablet.

The tweet above provides us our first glimpse at the Pixel tablet design, and it seems that the Nest Hub Max’s screen has been removed to tease a tablet device during I/O 2022. The tablet appears hefty with a seafoam green rear and white bezels. 

It also includes a single back and front camera, a fingerprint sensor-equipped power button, and pogo ports for connecting accessories beneath the Google logo.

According to rumors, Google was working on a Nest-branded tablet, and this may be it. Given the rise in demand for Android tablets, the business may have renamed it a Pixel gadget. According to rumors, the pogo pins will link the tablet to a Nest speaker.

You may wonder why Google is producing another tablet. Well, Google has been attempting to optimize Android to accommodate large-screen smartphones. It launched Android 12L, a tablet and foldable-friendly version of Android, but it also aims to merge more similar capabilities into Android 13. 

It’ll be fascinating to see Google’s first in-house tablet since the Pixel Slate (roughly 2019) has in store. However, we will have to wait more than a year to see it. How do you feel about the Pixel tablet? Please let us know in the comments section.