Fun and Unique Activities to do at Gare Du Nord

Gare Du Nord is a train station in Paris that couldn’t be placed in a better location. Within walking distance, there are a plethora of different sights and activities to enjoy.

man walking crossing street in front of building

Whether you are just arriving in Paris or you have an hour or two to kill before your departing train arrives, here are a few fun and unique activities near Gare Du Nord that you are not going to want to miss.

Visit Little India

Whether you are a native of India, or someone visiting Paris in search of all that it has to offer, Little India at Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Denis is something you are going to want to experience. Sitting directly next to the Gare Du Nord, this little piece of India is the perfect place to experience a multitude of authentic Indian cuisine, markets, and more.

A walk through Little India is most definitely an experience worth having. However, it’s recommended that you allow an hour of your time to experience it to its fullest.

Take a Walk Around Chapelle De l’Hopital Lariboisiere

This magnificent hospital is a piece of history and a work of art. Architect Pierre Gauthier spent seven years building the Chapelle de L’Hoptial Lariboisiere from 1846 to 1853. With six connected buildings that wrap around a grand courtyard, it is truly a sight to behold.

Even though it is just a short walk from the Gare Du Nord, it will take you about two hours to fully take in the wonder that is the Chapelle de L’hopital Lariboisiere.

Pick Up a Few Things at Marche Saint-Quentin

You will find that once you visit this local market, you’ll wish you always had access to such a beautiful and practical place of commerce. Built-in the nineteenth century with large cast-iron beams and gorgeous glass paneling, the Marche Saint-Quentin is a bustling market located near the Canal Saint-Martin. With smooth floors, a friendly environment, and a ride or two for the kids, it is the perfect place for visiting families to enjoy.

Here you will find locals and tourists picking up meats, flowers, cheeses, and other various goods to take home or eat there. Whether you are gift shopping, grocery shopping, picking up items for a picnic, or just killing time, this is surely a place you will want to visit.

Have a Spooky Evening at Le Manoir De Paris  

If you are a fan of haunted houses and history, then this is the perfect place for you. This immersive haunted house experience utilizes the city’s most revered characters and crimes to bring fear to even the most calm-mannered people.

Utilizing a team of actors in costumes and makeup, the Manoir de Paris is a three-story house with monsters that could be lurking around every corner. Highlighting infamous characters like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Phantom of the Opera, this experience will also show you the darkest corners of Paris, such as the Catacombs.

The lines can get pretty long, so if you dare enter Le Manoir de Paris you may want to purchase a fast pass or arrive earlier in the day.

Explore the Beautiful Saint-Vincent-De-Paul

Everyone knows that Paris is full of beautiful structures with a rich history. Among these structures is the beautiful church, Saint-Vincent-De-Paul. Initially designed and constructed by architect Jean-Baptiste Lepere in 1824, the magnificent structure was completed by his son-in-law, Jacques Hittorff in 1844.

Being just a short walk away from the Gare Du Nord, if you are a fan of architecture or history, this is the perfect place to visit while waiting on your train to come. It doesn’t take too long to see everything, and what you see truly is breathtaking.

Travel Tip

While you are enjoying your wonderful trip to Paris, there is one travel tip that will certainly come in handy. Luggage storage at Gare Du Nord. If you are arriving in Paris several hours before your hotel check-in, the last thing you want to do is take your luggage all over the city or wait around at the station until check-in. The easy solution is to just put your luggage in storage. That way, you can enjoy the city for a while then come back for your luggage when the time comes to check-in.

The same goes for checking out. If you have to check out early, but your train doesn’t arrive until later in the day. Simply drop your luggage off and get the most out of your trip. Paris is full of wonderful sights and activities. You could fill up a whole day just within a ten-minute walking radius of Gare Du Nord. So, drop your luggage off in storage, and enjoy the City of Light.