50+ Best Fortnite Creative Codes to Have Fun Differently

Fortnite has made some amazing additions to the game that make sure that the players are never bored. One of them is Creative mode. There are literally countless things that you can do using the right Fortnite Creative Codes. If you are interested in knowing about some wonderful codes to play custom maps in Fortnite, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will present to you 50+ Best Fortnite Creative Codes that you can use to play custom maps and have fun in a different manner. When you are bored of playing the usual battle royale for long, switching to Creative mode feels refreshing.

What are the Fortnite Creative Codes?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the decade, not only for this year or the previous one. It has won several awards in the gaming industry. And, it is touted as one of the best ‘Battle Royale’ games available to play. But, it has gone way beyond being just another battle royale game. The credit for this goes to epic additions made to the game by Epic Games. One of them is Creative Codes. Fortnite Creative codes are unique 12-digit codes that you can use to create or play custom maps in the Fortnite Creative Mode.

These codes are created by other Fortnite players and offer endless possibilities. You can play hundreds of custom maps created by some very creative folks around the world. You can even create your own codes and invite other players. Epic Games feature and share the best codes of every month on their website. When you are bored of playing the battle royale for too long, you can try any Creative Code and have fun differently.

What is the Fortnite Creative Mode?

Fortnite Creative Mode is one of the three, game modes available in the game. It is a free sandbox game-mode where players can create or play custom maps. You can either create your own new maps or islands or join the hundreds and thousands of maps that are already present.

It isn’t something like Minecraft, but it is absolutely stunning. If you are a creator, then you may also get a chance to be featured by Epic Games if you are creative enough.

What are the Custom Maps?

Custom Maps are the maps or created by the Fortnite players in the Creative Mode. You can access and play them by using their Creative  Code. Any free player can create a custom map using the tools in the Creative Mode, and play it. However, if you want to publish it for others to play, you will require a ‘Support-a-Creator code.

There are various types of custom maps that you can create or play. Form Deathrun to 1v1, Minigames to Zone Wars, Multiplayer to Single-player, and many more categories. There are countless things that you can do in these custom maps. Some players play them to practice the game in a less competitive scenario, while some others play them to refresh their minds after some intense games.

Best Fortnite Creative Codes to Play Amazing Custom Maps

We have compiled here some of the best Fortnite Creative Codes to play. These codes are created by some very talented, innovative, and creative creators. I’m presenting the codes to play all sorts of custom maps. Just pick the code for whatever game type you wish to play and jump-in.

Most Played Fortnite Creative Codes

  • 8116-8307-0921- Box PVP, By  RJW, Genre
  • 8064-7152-2934- BHE 1v1 Build fights, By BHE
  • 3729-0643-9775- TILTED ZONE WARS (XA), By Prettyboy

  • 6205-4774-1812- FFA, Arena, By ID
  • 5076-7972-2419- 100 LEVEL DUMB-RUN 2!, By jadubz
  • 0765-5697-0273- Red vs Blue Scrims, By ihavee-nerdneck

  • 8277-9788-8731- Sniper no scope map, By Jovim
  • 5717-9259-0171- Laser Tag Prop Hunt, By Puzzler
  • 8255-8879-3055- Colour Switch, By TeamUnite
  • 4717-4870-6158- Cops and Robbers, By DolphinDom

Fan-Favorite Fortnite Creative Codes

  • 1048-3487-4391- Minas Tirith From The Lord of the Rings
  • 1113-6823-4725- Junkyard Juke

  • 9908-4675-7557- Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map
  • 7352-4203-8482- Snipers vs. Runners
  • 9315-3255-7086- Rainbow Six Siege House Map
  • 8099-5981-3796- Dead by Fortlight

  • 1731-2660-6859- Fury Racing: Snowy Summit
  • 8443-3453-8209- Futuristic Factory -Gun Game
  • 8179-7650-3099- Cybernite
  • 0434-3221-0261- Loadout Warfare – Poseidon

Fortnite Creative Code By Categories

If you are looking for Fortnite Creative Codes of a specific category, I’ll list them here category-wise. So, It would be easier for you to find what are you looking for.

Deathrun Creative Codes

  • 2778-3253-4171- Cizzorz’s Deathrun 4.0
  • 7929-5174-1246- Billiard’s 150 Level Default Deathrun
  • 8210-6312-9526- YouTuber Deathrun

  • 1103-0256-3362- Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0
  • 8486-3297-5429- Izahr’s You’re a Pro if You Beat This
  • 2059-3236-0904- Biome Deathrun

  • 1118-4208-0867- ReelizzZ “Easy” Duo Deathrun
  • 1621-5269-0418- Rainbow Deathrun
  • 0066-4697-7029- Cizzorz’s Fun Run

1v1 Maps Creative Codes

  • 1588-7203-3013- Percy’s 1v1 Map
  •  9224-4320-8730- MaxleonoYT The Gulag Map

  • 7285-5234-5699- Greezy’s Realistic 1v1 Simulator Map
  • 3858-9528-1593- Amin_Sav’s Cleanest 1v1 Map
  • 1687-2442-0829- Scalit’s 1v1 Map

Prop Hunt Creative Codes

  • 0139-3586-5803- Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt
  •  5530-6235-0681- Toy Story Prop Hunt

  •  1534-1221-2242- Asteroid Arcade Prop Hunt
  • 0794-9902-1054- The Simpson’s Krusty Burger Prop Hunt

  • 0227-7562-4411- Prop Heist Hunt
  • 0722-9799-3791- Phone Prop Hunt
  •  6069-9263-9110- Stray Kite Farms Prop Hunt
  •  8102-6553-6379- Yacht Club Prop Hunt

Zone Wars Creative Codes

  • 1012-2574-8528- Geerzy’s High-Speed Hot drops
  •  1767-5640-43490- Enigma’s Canyon Zone Wars

  • 9310-1401-9904- Zero’s Vortex Zone Wars
  • 5115-7082-2130- Enigma’s Cliffside Zone Wars
  • 4184-7740-3381- Evoked’s Team Zone Wars
  • 5096-9331-4763- Donnysc’s Ice Mountain Zone Wars

  • 6564-6863-3031- Enigma’s Downhill Rivers Zone Wars

Gun Game Creative Codes

  • 2238-4610-2493- Modern Mansion Gun Game
  • 1190-0810-6429- Bricks Gun Game
  • 3939-0057-1674- Vacant Map Gun Game
  • 6722-4469-6989- Nuketown Gun Game

  • 2107-9521-1750- The Banished Map Gun Game
  • 4947-9532-2059- Escape Pandora

Aim Course Creative Codes

  •  7269-0152-0094- Mongraal Classic
  •  2889-5729-6480- Geerzy’s Combat Training Course
  •  1624-1148-8943- Beaks Aim Training

  •  5531-1890-2291- Flea Shotgun Aim Course
  • 3847-4226-5095- Teadoh: Tons of All-Around Options to Practice
  • 7562-1598-0199- Raider’s Box Fight Practice

  • 8022-6842-4965- Skaavok’s Aim Training Course

Horror Maps Creative Codes

  • 5681-8991-7850-ScareCrow Chapter 1
  • 3759-4482-8202- ScareCrow Chapter 2

  • 9963-6116-5050- ScareCrow Chapter 3
  • 8974-6823-3966- Pine City: Afterlife
  • 9312-2909-8471- Halloween Story

  • 3896-7727-6824- The Story of Oliver Whitlock
  • 5706-4716-3544- Evil Awaits Lucy
  • 3739-2232-6062- Quiet Place
  • 990-3025-0295- Spy Tycoon

That’s all.

How to Use Fortnite Creative Codes to Play Custom Maps?

If you are a new player who doesn’t know how to use these Fortnite creative codes to play the custom maps they load, I will help you. Follow these simple instructions to play any custom map in the Creative Mode.

Step-1: Load the game and choose the Creative Mode to play.

Step-2: Click on Accept and then click on Create.

Note: If you want to play Solo, don’t start a server.

Step-3: When it loads, an Orange Rift will take you to islands where you can create custom maps. Now look around for the featured portals.

Step-4: Find the portals that have a console in front fo them and then interact with them.

Step-5: Now paste any code that is present above into the box and click on Accept. Or, you can also choose a code from the Recent or Favorites list.

Step-6: The loading will begin. You can now run into the rift and it will transport you. Just open the menu and click on Start Game.

That’s it. The game will officially start then and you can enjoy it for as long as you want. Keep trying as many codes as you can to go on new adventures.

Final Take

Fortnite has many amazing things that make the players intrigued. Creative Mode is one of them. You can use the Fortnite Creative Codes to play wonderful custom maps to refresh yourselves. There are many of them available and Fortnite keeps featuring the best ones each month. These are over 50 best creative codes that you can try. Using them to play is very simple.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. If you need help regarding anything mentioned above, feel free to use the comment box.