How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp introduced the feature to send location in 2015 and the live location sharing in 2017. Since then, it has become easier for people to track their family, friends, and other important contacts via WhatsApp. However, sometimes one would feel the need to send fake location on WhatsApp as he doesn’t want to be tracked. But, WhatsApp doesn’t allow this as easily as sending the right location. So, you must use special workarounds for that.

In this post, I will guide you on how to send fake location on WhatsApp on an Android or iOS device. After going through this post, you’ll be able to fool anyone by sending your fake location or sharing live fake locations.

What Does it Mean to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp?

The GPS feature of your smartphone is used to send your location on WhatsApp as well as to share your live location with other WhatsApp users. WhatsApp Location Sharing feature has been used by millions of users daily. As an example, the location-sharing feature is generally used by parents to keep track of their children, or by couples to keep track of each other. It has also been used by multiple companies to track their employees, and by many other people. However, sometimes, the one being track would feel that he shouldn’t.

In this case, he will feel the need to send his fake location on WhatsApp. But, there isn’t a feature for that on the app. Sending a fake location means sharing a location where you aren’t present actually. This can be achieved by tricking the GPS capabilities of WhatsApp using a third-party app. There are many apps available in the Play Store that are able to manipulate your GPS location for good. However, the numbers are very limited for iPhones.

Why Do You Need to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp?

There are many instances when you’ll need to send a fake location and hide your actual one. For example, when you are at a place that you don’t want your family and friends to know. Or, when you have to surprise someone and pretend that you are somewhere else. Or, to simply pull a prank on someone. There can be many more situations.

There is nothing bad about it. It is completely legal to fake your location, and hide your actual one if you need that. If you don’t want to be tracked by someone via WhatsApp, this is the only thing you can do.

How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp?

To send a fake location via WhatsApp, you’ll need a third-party application that is able to spoof your GPS location. Such apps hide your actual location and display a fake location of your choosing. In this way, you can make people on WhatsApp trick into thinking that you are somewhere else.  There are a number of good apps available on Android for this. However, the case is not the same for iPhones. There isn’t a GPS spoofing app available in the App Store. So, you must use other workarounds.

You don’t need to worry about anything. I’ll exactly guide you with what you have to do in order to share a fake WhatsApp location with your contacts.

On Android

Follow these simple steps to send a fake location via WhatsApp on Android smartphones.

Step-1: Go to Play Store and install the Fake GPS App on your smartphone.

Step-2: Once the app is installed, launch it and it will guide you to go to Developer options, Enabling Mock Location, and Choosing the app for it.

You can also do that manually. Just go to Settings-> Additional Settings-> Developer Options-> Select Mock Location App-> Fake GPS.

Note: If you haven’t unlocked Developer Options, then you have to unlock it by going to Settings-> About-> tap on Build Number multiple times until you see a message saying ‘You are a Developer of this phone now.’

Step-3: Now come back to the Fake GPS app and move the Pin-Pointer to any location of your choice. After placing the marker, tap on the green play button on the bottom right corner.

Step-4: Next, go to WhatsApp and open the inbox the of the contact you want to share your location with.

Step-5: Tap on the ‘Attach’ icon (Paperclip icon) and then tap on Location. You will see that the location is appearing that you selected in the Fake GPS app. Send it.

You can also choose to Share Live Location and the same location will be shared. Just go to the Fake GPS app and keep moving the marker to various locations and the changes will be shared live on WhatsApp.

That’s it.

On iOS

If you have a jail-broken iOS device, then you can install Cydia and download a Fake GPS application from there. Afterward, the procedure will be very similar to the Android one. But, if you don’t want to jailbreak your device but still want to send a fake location, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Note: You will need a computer and a cable to connect your iPhone to the PC for this method.

Step-1: Download and install the dr.fone Virtual Location (iOS) tool on your computer.

Step-2: Launch the dr.fone Virtual Location (iOS) tool and click on Virtual Location.

Step-3: Now connect your iPhone to your computer using an authentic lightning cable.

Step-4: Next, click on the Get Started button on your PC.

Step-5: Go to the search bar, search for any location of your choosing, and then click on Go.

Step-6: Move the pin as per your needs and then click on Move Here to mark your fake location.

Step-7: Now go to WhatsApp on your iPhone and send your location to anyone. You will find that the location you have shared is the same that you selected on the Virtual Location tool.

You can also share Live location and set the location changing speed to walking, two-wheeler, or four-wheeler on the Virtual Location tool.

That’s it.

Final Words

Sending fake location on WhatsApp means sharing a location where you aren’t actually present. There are many situations where you’ll need to share a fake location. This is how you do that on an Android smartphone and on an iPhone or iPad. If you are confused with anything mentioned above or have a suggestion for us, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to listen to you and help you further.

That’s all for this post. Feel free to tell us in the comments that why you need to share a fake location on WhatsApp and if you have ever done that before.