Do You Need to Pay Taxes on Betting Winnings in New York State?

While internet betting is still illegal in the state of New York, there are a number of excellent offshore casinos for gamers to choose from. This collection of online sportsbooks and casinos is often recognized as among the greatest in the world. To entice both new and returning customers, each casino offers a different set of incentives, including sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses.

In this post, we’ll go through our top picks for the best places to gamble online in New York. 

Once a certain amount of winnings has been reached, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be alerted. It is the responsibility of the payor to fill out the W-2G Form, which states the number of winnings and the amount of tax, if any, that was withheld. Gamblers who won more than the following sums in the preceding calendar year should expect to get a W-2G form from the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Poker tournament winnings of at least $5,000 (reduced by buy-in amount).
  • Slot machine or bingo winnings of $1,200 or more.
  • The winnings from a pari-mutuel event (such as horse racing) or sports betting must be at least 300 times the stake amount ($600 minimum).
  • More than $600 in daily fantasy sports winnings is possible.

The fair market value of any non-cash rewards, such as a car or boat, should be declared.

Betting gains of more than $5,000 may force New Yorkers to submit a non-resident tax return. However, even if you didn’t meet that level, you should still file federal and New York income tax returns. “Other Income” on Line 8 of Form 1040, Schedule 1, reports your total gaming winnings.

Betting Online in New York has Several Advantages

It is important for bettors to keep in mind that while New York’s online gambling sector works to update its legislation, one may still enjoy a wide range of popular casino games and sports betting opportunities at any of the above-mentioned offshore betting sites. Residents of the state can enjoy the following advantages when they use the best gambling sites in New York (Source:

Cryptocurrency-Based Online Betting

Bitcoin is not only a great investment, but it is proven to be a leading method to avoid upcoming limits on betting in the state of New York by using smart contracts. The blockchain is a self-governing, encrypted system that is free of any third-party influence from banks, financial institutions, or government bodies. Therefore deposits and withdrawals have no transaction fees associated with them. As a result, you retain complete sovereignty over your bitcoin wins, free from taxation, tracking, or recording.

Playing at Offshore Casinos New Yorkers may choose from a variety of renowned offshore gaming venues to play online. Players from New York may open accounts and place bets at these offshore casinos without ever having to leave the state. As long as they are physically located in New York, they have full access to the site, which allows them to place bets and withdraw money at will. Make sure that the offshore casino you choose has the ability to accept New Yorkers before you sign up.

Increased Selection in Games and Market Segments

Betting on the internet allows New Yorkers to explore a broad range of marketplaces and game titles in a variety of different categories. In order to select the games that best suit their needs and preferences, players may browse through more than 500 distinct categories. Because of this, your time on the internet is always exciting and new.

Promotions, Rewards, and Incentives for Using the Internet

When it comes to incentives, brick-and-mortar casinos are nothing compared to their online counterparts. New York’s greatest betting locations are filled with tournaments, welcome deals, leaderboard challenges, and reload incentives that give players an advantage over the house. Most of these new player bonuses can be found online, and they generally include reasonable wagering requirements and a bonus code that can be used to claim the offer.

How Can I Claim My Betting Losses on Tax Returns?

In theory, yes, but only if you itemize deductions on your tax return. Since the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, it’s expected that almost 90% of taxpayers will utilize the standard deduction and will not be able to deduct betting losses.

Only the amount of the wagering gains can be subtracted from an iterated bet. You can only deduct $3,000 in winnings if you also had a loss of $5,000 in wagering the year before. The remaining $2,000 is non-transferable and must be paid back in full.

The IRS may require you to provide proof of your winnings and losses. Fortunately, the following resources are readily available in such a scenario:

W-2G forms

Wagering on tickets that include specific dates and places. The names of those who were with you when you were gaming. Winning and losing amounts.

Returned cheques and credit card statements from casinos

Statements from relevant financial institutions

If you’re a professional gambler, you’re recognized as a self-employed individual by the Internal Revenue Service since you’re considered to be in the business of betting professionally.

What Professional Gamblers Need to Know

Gambling is your full-time job, and you’re making money from it. Therefore, if you’re reading this, you’re a professional gambler, too.

Tax reform may increase your chances of winning from a tax standpoint. That’s because gambling losses can now be deducted as trade or company expenditures under the new rules.

Expenses incurred in connection with gaming operations are eligible for deductions under the new tax law. For example, you could have to pay for transportation to a casino and meals purchased while away from home on work. Expenses incurred while gambling must be included in your gambling losses for tax years 2018 through 2025 to determine how much of a deduction you may claim. For tax purposes, they are not independent company costs and cannot be deducted.

It’s important to remember that you may only deduct your gambling losses if you also record your winnings as income on your tax return and itemize your expenses instead of accepting the standard deduction.

Help with Self-Employed Taxes is Available from Our NYC CPA Office

Don’t forget about your tax duties, whether you’re interested in sports betting, lotteries, raffles, animal races, casino games, or any other kind of gambling. Keep meticulous records of your gaming activities and, if required, seek the advice of a tax specialist to ensure that you are in full compliance with all applicable state and federal tax regulations, as well as to make the most of any new tax deductions.