Difference Between HP Pavilion and HP envy

If you’re planning on buying a laptop soon, or you want to buy a laptop in general, you should look into the HP Pavilion and HP Envy series. Both machines are great for all sorts of people, and both are incredibly affordable. To help you decide, here is a quick comparison between the two laptops.

Screen Size

When comparing HP Pavillion and Envy laptops, you need to look at the screen size. Obviously, the larger the screen on the Envy is, the more money you’ll save. On the other hand, the Pavilion is smaller in size (around seven inches, versus eleven inches on the Envy. Either way, the difference is not very noticeable. However, it can be considered a positive feature since you can view your desktop screen full size, not just the small screens of many laptop computers.

Battery Life

With all of that said, there are other differences between the two laptops. For example, where the Envy’s battery life lasts, this can also affect the laptop’s overall performance. Many people would say that the HP Pavilion is the better of the two. It seems like it would because of its higher-spec level and overall build quality. It’s also worth noting that the Envy is slightly larger than the Pavilion. The difference in size might be a deciding factor when comparing the two.


Comparing the functionality, one would say that the Envy scores above the Pavilion. This is mainly because the Envy comes with more powerful hardware inside. As for the hardware itself, the two laptops have the same set of hardware components. They differ in the level of software features they come equipped with. In addition to this, the two laptops are similar when it comes to their processing speed and general performance. They are both capable of running most applications that you would find on the desktop.

When comparing the laptops based on performance, you will notice the general consensus that the Envy is the better of the two. This is primarily because it offers better graphic capabilities. However, the Envy’s performance can be affected by certain issues, like the lack of RAM in some models. This means that you will not fully utilize the laptop’s abilities if you’re on a limited RAM diet.


The first thing you might notice right off the bat is the obvious price difference between the two laptops. The Pavilion is actually about one 100 dollars cheaper than the Envy. This is due mainly to the fact that the Envy laptop comes with a lower-end, lower spec PC. While it still has all of a good laptop’s standard features, it is not quite as high-powered as the Pavilion. It is, however, a good laptop in its own right.

While the HP Pavilion base model costs only about $500, the higher-spec versions can cost nearly twice as much. Even from the outside, the comparison between the two laptops seems quite lopsided. If you have good savings, you should seriously consider getting an HP Pavilion instead of the HP Envy.

These are just some of the things you should consider before deciding between the HP Pavilion Vs. the HP Envy. Both of these laptops have their pros and cons. Your personal choice will ultimately determine which one you will choose. Take your time and look at a few different models so you can make the right decision for yourself!