Custom Software Development Is on the Rise in 2022 and Beyond

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With tech innovation at an all-time high, custom software development is expected to rise significantly in 2022 and beyond. There’s always significant change and transformation across the fast-paced, dynamic programming landscape. Today’s development firms need to keep up and adapt to these major changes to survive in the software engineering sector. As a software developer yourself, you should know about the latest trends and breakthroughs pushing the industry forward. This way, you can develop business growth plans for scalability, efficiency, and performance. To get started now, read on to learn about how custom software is on the rise in 2022 and beyond. 

Growth of Kubernetes

First and foremost, Kubernetes took the software development world by storm in 2022. In short, Kubernetes is a powerful open-source orchestration platform for portable, efficient, and deployable software containers. In 2022, over forty percent of programming teams will be using it in some way. Most commonly, programmers employ these solutions to streamline development, optimize testing, and minimize IT expenses. Of course, programming experts believe it will grow even further in upcoming years. After all, these innovative platforms are highly-effective for bespoke programs that need security, scalability, and high availability. Surely, the growth of Kubernetes is keeping the software development industry in a state of consistent growth.

The Rise of Powerful Development Tools

Throughout 2022, software development workflows have been heavily impacted by powerful programming tools, resources, and technologies. There are plenty of advanced solutions today’s software engineering teams can use to design, develop, deploy, and distribute complex enterprise systems. For example, you can implement a Helm repository by JFrog to leverage unmatched stability, reliability, and scalability that accommodates any number of users or build server interactions. Naturally, this provides you with a universal solution that is enterprise-ready, along with high availability. Of course, this makes it easy to configure application deployments, minimize microservice complexity, and install automatic dependencies. Certainly, the rise of powerful development tools has fueled the rise of software development in 2022. 

Growing Reliance on Decentralized Infrastructure

2022 has also been heavily impacted by a growing dependence on decentralized infrastructures. Decentralized architectures are powered by edge computing technology. These innovative frameworks bring computing power, storage, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities right to the user. This is totally unlike the public cloud, where all these artifacts are kept in a centralized location. Of course, edge computing technologies are showing serious signs of growth in upcoming years. This is especially true with Web 3.0, 5G, and other state-of-the-art technologies. Adopting these technologies, you can benefit from faster speeds, bandwidth relief, and stronger security protocols. Plus, edge computing offers better reliability and heightened data management processes. Indeed, there is a growing reliance on decentralized infrastructures in 2022’s custom software development industry. 

More of Cloud-Native Technologies

As a developer working in 2022, you should also expect to see more cloud-native technologies. These innovative solutions are carefully designed to run within public, private, and hybrid distributed clouds. When properly integrated, these powerful cloud-based technologies give teams the ability to seamlessly operate across multiple servers. Of course, this is known to increase efficiency, scalability, speed, and security across day-to-day development operations. Naturally, this helps you accelerate releases, simplify management, and support scalability. Plus, these resources promote auto-provisioning and help teams mitigate vendor lock-in. Absolutely, teams should expect to see more cloud-native tools and technologies in 2022.  

Expansion of DevSecOps

Looking into the future, it is likely that more and more software engineering teams will start to work with DevSecOps. This forward-looking methodology aims to combine the efforts of development, security, and operations teams. In short, it is focused on integrating sophisticated security protocols and strategies into every stage of your SDLC. This cultural and management approach is becoming a top priority for security-savvy development companies. This is especially true with data breaches and cyberattack threats being higher than ever before. Properly implementing DevSecOps, teams can support organizational transparency, reduce delivery expenses, and support end-to-end responsibility. Plus, it unites experienced programming teams for collaboration, speed, and accountability. Definitely, the expansion of DevSecOps has seriously changed the custom software development landscape in 2022. 

Introduction of Automated Code Reviews

Moreover, 2022 has become the year of automated code reviews. Today’s build teams produce, write, and manage more source code than ever before. That’s why they need to use automated reviews to pick up on any errors, issues, bugs, or defects early on. These proactive solutions are able to identify any of these hazardous problems in a mere fraction of the time. Of course, this makes it much easier to maintain uniform coding standards throughout your development company. Plus, these testing processes eliminate human error, widen code coverage, and provide performance benchmarks. This way, you can avoid catastrophic build emergencies and inspire stakeholder confidence in your operations. Notably, automated code reviews have greatly impacted the custom software development world in 2022. 

Custom software development has shown consistent growth in 2022, as well as looking beyond. In fact, demand for software developers doubled in recent years. For a start, 2022 has been seriously impacted by the rapid growth of Kubernetes. This powerful platform supports portability, flexibility, and multi-cloud performance capabilities. Throughout the year, development teams have also been significantly impacted by the rise of powerful programming tools and technologies. For example, you can start working with an advanced Helm repository by JFrog. These tools help teams supercharge productivity, speed, and security. 

Plus, many development teams are switching to decentralized infrastructures and architectures this year. This is largely in part to the expansion of powerful edge computing technologies. At the same time, cloud-native technologies will also play a big role in the growth of the software development field. Software developers should also expect to start working with DevSecOps and related methodologies in upcoming years. Moreover, many development teams are starting to leverage the power of automated code reviews. After all, these innovative solutions are much quicker than manual processes. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how custom software is on the rise in 2022 and beyond.