Best Suburbs to Live in the Boston Area

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Boston is a brilliant city that offers great outdoor recreational options. The bubbling city is most famous for the reputable Fenway Park, baked beans, the Boston Marathon, and even the bar from the television series Cheers.

The city also houses the country’s first trade school North Bennet Street School. It is also famous for its cultural attractions, such as the Berklee School of Music, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the Huntington Theater Company. All of these are reasons you can decide to move to the city and can make you consider the best places to live in around Boston.

Best Boston Suburbs


If you are looking to move to a Boston Suburb, this is a great city with many attractive options that you can pick from. One of its great features is its proximity to Boston University and Boston College. Brighton is also one of the safest Boston suburbs, placing it above many of its other counterparts.

Another fantastic reason Brighton is one of the best neighborhoods outside of Boston is its affordable cost of living. This means you can live in Brighton and enjoy its great features without having to spend a great deal of money. You can reach out to Brighton movers today to get started.


With incredible outdoor views, Wayland is one of the best neighborhoods outside of Boston. The city is one many families love to settle in due to their leading educational and athletic programs. The city is also a close-knit one with an overall friendly aura.


Newton is one the Boston’s most highly populated suburbs, with close to 89,000 residents. Although this high population exposes it a little more to violent crimes, the city makes up for this in other areas. For instance, Newton is an aesthetically appealing city filled with many parks, lakes, and ponds.

Consisting of thirteen close-knit communities across the city, Newton houses the famous Boston College and is not short of shopping plazas and restaurants.


This is an amazing place for students and young people who work in Boston but want a more relaxed lifestyle. Although it is considered a large city, it still manages to provide an aura commonly found in smaller towns.

Cambridge makes its boast as one of the most progressive cities in the state. This progression is linked to the fact that the city is home to several of America’s most educated people.


This is a city almost as old as Boston itself. Its name was coined from the neighboring creeks and brooks. Littered with numerous Victorian-style houses, Brookline residents are likely to encounter expansions in their buildings and recreational parks.

With a population of almost 60,000, Brookline is one of the largest cities close to Boston and is home to numerous historical locations. Some of them are the Frederick Law Olmstead National Historic Site, the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, and Larz Anderson Auto Museum.

It is a very exciting and bubbling city having many things to keep you active within a short drive.


Wellesley has an estimated population of 29,700 and is a relatively peaceful state. It is one of the wealthiest states in the United States. Situated roughly 17 miles from Boston, the city is popularly known for housing the private women’s liberal arts college, Wellesley College.

Wellesley is considered a fast-paced city, suitable for those who love the excitement and vigor of busy cities.

Although it also has many Victorian-styled houses, it still has many condominiums for those who will prefer the latter option.


Highly reputable for its high educational quality, Lexington is an amazing place located in the best neighborhoods outside of Boston. Lexicon is also common in history in relation to the American Revolution. Although it is relatively expensive, it is still one of the best cities to raise a family.

The city has an approximate population of 33,132 and is considered one of the most diverse suburbs in America. It is located roughly eleven miles north of Boston. With its great real estate options, Lexington is a constantly evolving city. With a plethora of historic parks and restaurants, you are not likely to get bored.


Bedford is an absolutely great location for you if you are searching for the best suburbs near Boston. 

Bedford has an average population of 14,000, making it a relatively close-knit community. It also boasts of an impressive educational system, making it a great place for families to settle in. The city is considered mostly peaceful, with only a few violent crimes committed in a year.


With a near proximity of 15 miles to Boston, Weston is a haven for many who wish to enjoy the nearness of Boston without living in Boston. Weston provides rich real estate opportunities for the semi-rural area it is. These opportunities are opportunities you are not likely to find in Boston.

If you are a fan of horse riding and are looking for the best place to live near Boston, then Weston may just be the perfect place for you to settle.


There are many great places to live in Boston’s surrounding areas, and these are just a few reasons to consider any of them. Depending on what you are most concerned about, you are sure to find one that suits your every need. Contact a member of our support team today if you would love to make further inquiries.