Best Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 For Windows 10,8.1,7

Best Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 For Windows 10,8.1,7 : Have you ever come across one of those days where you felt the themes of the windows operating system lacked a certain awe factor and you were powerless to do anything about it and went on with your normal life. Fear no more because the Rainmeter Skins has come to the rescue. When I first heard the name my first reaction was it would be something related to measuring rainfall.However little did I knew about this total game changer. So In this article, We are going to tell you about 10+ Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 10,8.1,7

Rainmeter is a software which basically allows you to display customizable skins in your desktop. It is an open source software and the users have the freedom to create their own skins. The term skins may include widgets-similar to those seen on Android to miniature applications themselves. However it is important that rainmeter does not alter your windows visual style. It doesn’t change the appearance of the taskbar,file-explorer,start button and other built in windows components. In this article we are going to share how to install rainmeter and which are the Best Rainmeter Skins or Rainmeter Themes.

How To Install Rainmeter

You don’t need to be a technical geek to install rainmeter. However currently it is not available in non windows platforms. You need windows 7 or higher to run rainmeter. A good start would be downloading the file from There would be a beta version and final version.You can choose any one and install the program you downloaded and rainmeter would have been installed.

How To Install Rainmeter Skins

Rainmeters default skin is useful ,but quite boring. There are sites available where in you can get rainmeter skins such as DeviantArt, skins like Enigma are entire rainmeter suites themselves.To Install Rainmeter Skin,just double click on the .rmskin file.Rainmeter’s window will pop up allowing you to install. For some skins ,there are lots of different features,so if you don’t want everything loaded up at onces if you don’t want everything loaded up at once,uncheck ‘Load included skins’.

Best Rainmeter Skins

While the term best may be subjective here I present to you 10 of the coolest Best Rainmeter skins out there which would cause you to seriously contemplate on downloading the skins.

Jarvis Skin

There won’t be much people who haven’t watched Iron man and Jarvis is the A.I system in it. Thanks to rainmeter we can have our own Jarvis Themed desktop ,which in my opinion looks totally daper. believe me this is one of the best rainmeter skin.


It has the most delicate and well-presented interface among various rainmeter skins. It provides with a splendid theme where you get the notifications in a tabulated form. Each information is in a specific block which makes life easier for us. This way it makes the desktop look really clean. It also provides you with all the live notifications available.



If the Jarvis theme is catered to the Marvel fans,This is gonna get all the D.C fans excited.The Batman is totally unique and gives a mysterious and spooky vibe to the Desktop. This is one skin you should not miss out. No doubt this is one of the best rainmeter skin.

Newspaper Desktop

Newspaper Desktop is one of the best Rainmeter Theme. If you are a slightly middle-aged person the above themes might not be very interesting to you. However the Newspaper Desktop is an amazing skin for old school type people who still love to read newspapers. This Rainmeter skin gives a newspaper style by displaying latest news, name and time header, and other information like space bounder, RAM usage, Network Statistics, weather forecasts and a lot more.


The Enigma is the most popular and downloaded Rainmeter theme. Engima is one of the coolest and best rainmeter skin to use. It goes with almost every wallpaper you use. It displays information such as multiple RSS feeds, RAM and CPU usage, Media playback control, real-time active processes, picture slideshow, Weather, world time, quick notes and many others. Being able to provide so many features enigma was made the default theme of the Rainmeter way back in 2009.


Cat is one of the elegant and Best Rainmeter Skin with minimal background ,It does not occupy much space on your desktop and it manages to exhibit all the important system information with elegance. There are 2 custom bars on the top and bottom which display ram and cpu usage. There is also an application launcher and weather widget available.

Neon space

This theme offers you many features and gives you a soothing effect. It displays many space items in a Neon color and it attractive to the eye.The theme displays CPU usage, calendar like holograms and a space love should not miss out on this.

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Eker Lina

Although it looks a bit childish, Eker Lina is one of those skins which provide a very neat and clean information to the users. You can customize it as required in different layouts. And the stuff it shows consists Media control, Time and Date, Weather conditions, RSS feeds, drive and system folder shortcuts and other sorts of data. Simple yet powerful.

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Windows 2019

It is one of those futuristic skins,which shows how windows will look in the future. It is a very popular rainmeter skin among window users.. You can choose the customized icon to change the look of your default icons and get news feeds, weather updates, music control, etc and current updates of mail notifications, weather, and much more through an online connection.

Final words

If you are a person who is not concerned about making your pc look trendy and cool to the eye ,I’m afraid rainmeter skins won’t be much use.However for the custom freaks out there,this is going to be a joyride .

Best Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 For Windows
  • Best Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 For Windows


So In this article, We are going to tell you about 10+ Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 10,8.1,7

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